New features and updates

Today we've launched a few updates to improve the overall usability of Segments and the Sales by Shipping Destination report.

An updated as been added to Segments allowing you to use "Contains" when forming queries. For instance, you can add a Filter that includes all Customers with GMail accounts by using the "Contains" operator with "".

The Sales by Shipping Destination report now includes Filters for drilling down by City, Province and Country. Simply click the name of the City or Province to refine the Report by the selected field. The report now also includes the ability to export results as CSV.

Both features are available on the PRO plan.

New features and updates

We're excited to announce a few new features:

1. App Integrations and Customer Segment Sync -- Customer Segments can now be synced to 3rd Party Platforms like Klaviyo (and Facebook, and more). 

App Integrations are in beta and undergoing continued improvement; they are available on the PRO plan.

2. Preset Segments -- Customer Segments have been updated to include a new set of Presets that allow you to get deeper insight into your Customers without having to build segments from scratch. 

3. The  Cohort Repurchase Rate report has been updated to capture the last 3 years of retention; the "Repurchased within" ranges have been updated. 

4. The App Design and Layout has been updated to make it even easier to navigate. 

New features and updates

We made a few updates to Customer Segments that should make it easier to understand your Customer base:

1. For the PRO Plan, we've increased the number of Customer Segments to 20 and for the Growth Plan, we've increased the number to 8. This should allow greater room to model different types of Customers. 

2. We've added the ability to View Customers on the Customer Repurchase Rate report for the PRO Plan. Similar to previous updates, this provides 1-click access to Customers that are surfaced in Reports. Be on the lookout for more Customer Export features.

3. We've launched a new report to surface Sales by Discount Code.

New Filters for Customer Segments

We've added new filters to Customer Segments to make it even easier to segment your Customer Base. You can now additionally Segment Customers by:

  • Discount code on the First Order
  • Discount code, Products purchased, UTM marketing on the Last Order from a Customer

We've also added the ability to View Customers in the Lost Customers report. For any given period, click this link will produce Customers that have churned from your Store. The "View Customers" option will be added throughout the Reporting system so that you can 1-click see all Customers that are being reported, including within the Cohort Retention and Cohort Repurchase rate reports.

These new reports and filters are available on the PRO plan.

Updates to Customer Segments

We made a few updates to Customer Segments that should make it easier to understand your Customer base:

1. We've added new fields to the Customer tables:

  • accepts_marketing: True if the Customer is opted into marketing emails.
  • accepts_marketing_updated_at: The date and time when Customer accepted marketing emails.
  • verified_email: True if the Customer's email address has been verified.

2. Customer Tags have been updated. Tags are now based on the current tag that is applied to a Customer. Previously, Customer Tags were based on the tags applied to the Customer at the time of the Order.

New Features...

We've just launched a few updates to the App that we'd like to share:

  1. Chart rendering has been updated to be smoother and display better across Windows, Mac and Mobile devices. PRO Subscribers can also down SVGs or PNGs for the charts.
  2. A new report showing the Total Sales Distribution by Repeat Buyers is available on the PRO account. Use this report to better understand the makeup of your Stores revenue across Repeat Buyers.
  3. Export as CSV has been added to the Cohort Retention report

As always, if you have any feedback or feature requests, please don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help!

New Report and Filters

There are two updates:

  1. A new report has been released to surface Purchase Latency. The Purchase Latency report displays the average number of days taken by Customers to purchase successive times from your Store. Use this report to better the lifetime and how long Customers take to return and buy again based on their Order sequence.
  2. Customer Segments have been updated to include new advanced filters that allow segmenting by:

    1. The first order made by a Customer including: SKU, product, variant, marketing channels (Source, Medium and Campaign)
    2. Customer tags
    3. Discount codes

New Reports

Two new Reports have been added:

  1. The Purchase Frequency Report surfaces how often Customers order within various periods of time. Use this report to better understand Customer affinity with your brand and products.
  2. The Items Purchased by Customer Report surfaces the number of items within Orders to surface how large Customer's baskets are. This report can be used to better understand how to establish Discounts and Product bundling to maximize sales.

Introducing Custom reports

We've just launched Custom Reports -- a new feature that allows you to view your data the way you need it to understand and grow your business.

This feature is in Beta and will evolve over time as we add more features and incorporate your feedback.

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