New Report and Filters

There are two updates:

  1. A new report has been released to surface Purchase Latency. The Purchase Latency report displays the average number of days taken by Customers to purchase successive times from your Store. Use this report to better the lifetime and how long Customers take to return and buy again based on their Order sequence.

  2. Customer Segments have been updated to include new advanced filters that allow segmenting by:

    1. The first order made by a Customer including: SKU, product, variant, marketing channels (Source, Medium and Campaign)

    2. Customer tags

    3. Discount codes

New Reports

Two new Reports have been added:

  1. The Purchase Frequency Report surfaces how often Customers order within various periods of time. Use this report to better understand Customer affinity with your brand and products.

  2. The Items Purchased by Customer Report surfaces the number of items within Orders to surface how large Customer's baskets are. This report can be used to better understand how to establish Discounts and Product bundling to maximize sales.

Sales by Shipping Destination Update

The Sales by Shipping Destination report has been updated to include all Orders and more accurate geolocations (latitude/longitudes). This should provide more clarity into exact shipping locations.

Introducing Custom reports

We've just launched Custom Reports -- a new feature that allows you to view your data the way you need it to understand and grow your business.

This feature is in Beta and will evolve over time as we add more features and incorporate your feedback.

App design changes

We've made a few changes to the App layout and design. The new layout will help us add more reports and tools as we continue to grow and expand the App.

If you have any feedback to share about the new layout, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at


Customer first, last names now in reports

Reports that include Customer information such as the Loyalty reports and Segments now include the Customer's first and last names.

Reporting updates

An update was made to how the sales reports display Total sales. For stores based in countries where taxes are not included sales amounts (like in the United States or Canada), this change has no affect. For Stores where taxes are included in sales amounts (such as VAT), Total sales reports have been updated to reflect the proper amounts.

New reports added

Two new reports have been added for tracking Total items sold and Average sales by customer.

We've also added new columns to the Sales breakdown tables to include "Average items per Order", "Average orders per customer" and "Distinct customers".

As always, please let us know about any improvements or updates you'd like to see. We're here to help and your feedback is invaluable in building a great App.

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