Updates to Customer Segments

We made a few updates to Customer Segments that should make it easier to understand your Customer base:

1. We've added new fields to the Customer tables:

  • accepts_marketing: True if the Customer is opted into marketing emails.
  • accepts_marketing_updated_at: The date and time when Customer accepted marketing emails.
  • verified_email: True if the Customer's email address has been verified.

2. Customer Tags have been updated. Tags are now based on the current tag that is applied to a Customer. Previously, Customer Tags were based on the tags applied to the Customer at the time of the Order.

Sales by Shipping Destination Update

The Sales by Shipping Destination report has been updated to include all Orders and more accurate geolocations (latitude/longitudes). This should provide more clarity into exact shipping locations.

Customer first, last names now in reports

Reports that include Customer information such as the Loyalty reports and Segments now include the Customer's first and last names.

Reporting updates

An update was made to how the sales reports display Total sales. For stores based in countries where taxes are not included sales amounts (like in the United States or Canada), this change has no affect. For Stores where taxes are included in sales amounts (such as VAT), Total sales reports have been updated to reflect the proper amounts.

Export as CSV and Sales by shipping destination

Some reports have been updated to allow for exporting as CSV. Look for the “Export as CSV” icon at the top of the Report detail page, like so:

Also, the Sales by shipping destination report now groups shipping destinations by zipcode rather than city to give a more granular view of the data.