The start of summer is full of new features on Atolia! 🌟

You have surely noticed that new options are now available. Indeed, your modules are now accessible in your groups!

No more going back and forth, find all your Documents and Notes directly in your groups. Agendas and Projects will also soon be available. Just a little more patience... 😉

In addition to saving you time, this optimal and practical integration will simplify your life. You have everything you need to get on with your tasks.

Also, don't forget that you can mention tasks, events or notes in your chat. Click on @ in the chat and select the content you want. Your team will be able to access it just by clicking on it! Convenient, no? 😄

The Atolia Monthly Newsletter 💌

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Spring News 🥳

Here are new features that will change your daily routine (for the better! 😉).

Create discussions 💬

From your direct messages, create discussions without using workgroups! The advantages? Your conversations won't clutter your list of groups on the left of your interface. You can better organize your workspace with:
- Your workgroups dedicated to your projects;
- Your conversations more conducive to informal or ephemeral exchanges.

To do this, go to ➕ in your direct messages and select the users you want to exchange with.

Identify your Tasks, Events, or Notes in the chat 📍 

You've been waiting for it, and now it's possible! In your workgroups, identify your tasks, events, or notes so you can view them with just one click.

Click on the @ key in the message bar and choose the item to share with your collaborators. Check beforehand that the group has access to the calendar, project, or notes to view them.

Create private events 🗓

You can now individually configure the visibility of your events: choose to make them public or private independently of your calendar's settings.

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Your new videoconferencing system is available 🥳

You've been waiting for it with impatience: your new videoconferencing tool is now available on Atolia. Always more powerful, always more possibilities! 🚀

Among the new features, you can create different meeting rooms during your call with the breakout room feature. It is ideal for discussing certain topics in small groups without having to leave the videoconference.

You can also:

  • Invite participants via a link or phone number
  • Share your screen
  • Customize your camera background
  • Launch a poll
  • Chat with the integrated messaging system
  • Share a video or audio with all participants
  • Raise your hand to speak
  • Share your reactions...

The interface design is also more intuitive and optimal to simplify your experience!

With audio and video calls, stay connected with your collaborators, partners or clients. Your meetings and webinars will be more effective than ever! ✅

Try your new videoconference now and tell us what you think. 🙌

New features to simplify your daily activities on Atolia 🙌

Invite your collaborators more easily to your workspace 👥

From now on, you can copy and paste a list of emails (up to 100 currently) from the "Add users" button at the bottom left of your workspace.

Access all information about events from your external calendars 📅 

On your Atolia calendar, you now have access to more information about events from your external calendars (Google Calendar, etc.), such as the location, description, guests, recurrence, video conference link... Manage your schedule more easily by finding all your professional and personal events on one calendar.

Don't miss any appointments with event reminders 🔔 

Get notified of upcoming events by adding one or more reminders in the settings of your calendars. 

Alternatively, choose to add reminders only to specific events when they are created or modified.

Finally, stay organized with your Documents module 📁 

With this new structure, you can easily find: 

  • All documents: All the documents you have access to
  • My documents: The documents you created/uploaded directly in this module
  • Shared documents: The documents that have been shared with you on your workspace, in groups, etc.

Save money on Atolia with the referral program 🤩

Do you want to reduce your Atolia invoice in a few clicks? It's quick and easy with the referral program 👌

How does it work? Invite new people or organizations to create an account on Atolia thanks to your referral link available in your administration panel. 

✅ If these people sign up for a subscription, your company receives 20% of the subscription amount in credits, which will be deducted on your next invoice.

 Referrers receive 5% off for one year for any Premium or Business subscription.

Don't wait any longer, tell your customers, partners or friends!

Save money while boosting the productivity of your teams, isn't it nice? 😄

Find all the information on our Help Center 👉

Your Knowledge module becomes the Notes module 📝

The Knowledge module becomes Notes. Everything has been redesigned to provide you with an even more intuitive and ergonomic tool. 📝

From now on, write your notes, memos, processes, frequently asked questions or other information pages with ease, alone or with others.

Thanks to a super intuitive interface and keyboard shortcuts, add titles, checklists, images... in an instant.

Don't wait any longer, discover now your new Notes module. 😉

To know more about it, have a look to the Helpdesk.

A Better Organization for Your Calendars 📆

On Atolia, you can add a lot of calendars, yours, from your teams, related to your projects, external ones, etc. We've redesigned the organization of these calendars.

From now on, on the right of your calendar you'll find 4 categories of calendars:

- Team : calendars from your teams

- Subscriptions: calendars from your colleagues you subscribed to

- External: Calendars you have linked from other sources (Google, Outlook, iCal...)

- Projects: Calendars attached to your projects

Thanks to these categories, you will also be able to check/uncheck all the calendars from a categorie at once.

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