New features to simplify your daily activities on Atolia 🙌

Invite your collaborators more easily to your workspace 👥

From now on, you can copy and paste a list of emails (up to 100 currently) from the "Add users" button at the bottom left of your workspace.

Access all information about events from your external calendars 📅 

On your Atolia calendar, you now have access to more information about events from your external calendars (Google Calendar, etc.), such as the location, description, guests, recurrence, video conference link... Manage your schedule more easily by finding all your professional and personal events on one calendar.

Don't miss any appointments with event reminders 🔔 

Get notified of upcoming events by adding one or more reminders in the settings of your calendars. 

Alternatively, choose to add reminders only to specific events when they are created or modified.

Finally, stay organized with your Documents module 📁 

With this new structure, you can easily find: 

  • All documents: All the documents you have access to
  • My documents: The documents you created/uploaded directly in this module
  • Shared documents: The documents that have been shared with you on your workspace, in groups, etc.