Spring News 🥳

Here are new features that will change your daily routine (for the better! 😉).

Create discussions 💬

From your direct messages, create discussions without using workgroups! The advantages? Your conversations won't clutter your list of groups on the left of your interface. You can better organize your workspace with:
- Your workgroups dedicated to your projects;
- Your conversations more conducive to informal or ephemeral exchanges.

To do this, go to ➕ in your direct messages and select the users you want to exchange with.

Identify your Tasks, Events, or Notes in the chat 📍 

You've been waiting for it, and now it's possible! In your workgroups, identify your tasks, events, or notes so you can view them with just one click.

Click on the @ key in the message bar and choose the item to share with your collaborators. Check beforehand that the group has access to the calendar, project, or notes to view them.

Create private events 🗓

You can now individually configure the visibility of your events: choose to make them public or private independently of your calendar's settings.

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