BOM Tree Aggregate Fix

There was an issue where a subassembly did not display the correct values for the request, the can assemble, the can fulfill or the need to fulfill (NTF).

Thanks to Jeff T. for pointing out this bug.

Error for 100% Discount

An error occurred on the Estimate Order and Sales Order when the entire order was given a 100% discount. All other discounts worked as expected.  100% discounts now work as expected.

Adding a PO Line

There are two ways to create a new line item on a PO. The first is from the item layout, using the button in the lower, right corner: Create Order. This will add a PO line to an existing PO if that status is "New." Otherwise, it will create a new PO.

Creating a PO line from the Item

Creating a PO line from the Item

The second is to use the Add button on the PO layout.

Creating a PO line from the PO

Creating a PO line from the PO

Although the results of the process should have been the same, regardless of where the PO line originated, there were slight differences. These have been fixed so the process now produces the same result.

Vendor's Minimum Quantity Unit

Trayse Inventory already had a conversion from a vendor's minimum quantity unit to a selling unit. For example, a vendor may require the purchase of 1 case but you use/sell the product in individual units.

Vendor items with different units

Vendor items with different units

This worked well when the units of measure where different. However, it was pointed out that when the units are the same, it did not work. That has been fixed.

Vendor items with different units

Thanks to LaVerne for pointing out this bug.

Sales Order to Assembly Order

A Sales Order for a finished good or work in progress would check to see if any were available. If none or only some were available then it would automatically create an Assembly Order.

Now, the process checks not only what is available (i.e. what is on the shelf), but also if any existing Assembly Orders are making that SKU and of those quantity being made, how many are available (in other words, how many are not on backorder).

This reduces unnecessary Assembly Orders and an unintended build up of stock.

Transaction record for Receive On Hand Incrementing

Received On Hand (OH) column in the Transaction list did not subtract its quantity after the Putaway procedure.

Now, during the Putaway process, a new Transaction record is created called "Received Reset". This decrements the On Hand value for a Receiving location before incrementing the On Hand value at the Putaway or Picking location.


Transaction Received On Order Negative Number


Transaction Received On Order Decremented

Pickline to Transaction TO

The PICKLINE_transaction table occurrence was incorrectly related to the processHeaderID instead of the processLineID. This TO is not connected to a layout or scripts and therefore didn't produce any bugs.

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