Dependent Orders

Trayse Inventory now has dependent orders. These are orders that are associated with a final build. When you put together a kit or a manufactured item, the final product (a.k.a. finished good) requires other materials. Some of those materials are purchased from vendors and some are subassemblies that require their own Assembly Order. Failure to track this data will mean one of two things:

  1. Over purchasing materials that are not needed.
  2. Under purchasing materials need and thus delaying the completion of the finished product.

Both can be expensive.

Dependent orders allows the user to clearly track the needed materials and order in an appropriate time.

Assembly layout with dependent orders

Release Sales Order

Layout: Sales Order

Changed the Release to Picking… button to Release Sales Order.  Picking is now by order.  Batch picking has been removed.  This is in preparation for creating an Assembly Order (a.k.a. Build Order, Production Order, Manufacturing Order, Work Order, etc.).

Removing Demo Data

Layout: Home

A button has been added to the home layout to remove the demo data that ships with Trayse Inventory.  Obviously, this can be a very dangerous process.  It’s great for removing demo data but you don’t want it to remove production data.  Make sure to delete the temp scripts after removing the demo data.  They are conveniently stored in a Temp folder in Script Workspace.