Need to Fulfill adjusted

When building the Bill of Materials tree (a.k.a. multi-level BOM), the need to fulfill column for subassemblies took into account how many units could be assembled as well as how many were on the shelf. For example, if 48 units were on the shelf and 7 more could be assembled, then those would be added together before determining the need to fulfill.

This works when the BOM Tree is a stand alone product, but in Trayse Inventory there is now a Dependent Order that lists the various units that need to be purchased and the subassemblies that need to be assembled.

Now, the need to fulfill only considers what is on the shelf.

Old method of Need to Fulfill

This is the old method of need to fulfill where the quantity available was added to the quantity that can be assembled. This example highlights that cases for the subassembly BLAC-PEA-08.