⏯ Better player & Bug fixes

HI Tapers,

Been a while, but rest assured I'm back at adding fixes/improvements to Tape and the dashboard.

I've just updated the UIs that fixed a couple of annoying bugs:

- Improved video player on your Tape share links.
This detects whether you've recording with audio or now, and doesn't mute the video by default.

- Fixed markdown links for videos
Ooops! 🙈. Markdown links/embeds are now correct.

There's some exciting new stuff in the works that I can't wait to share with you soon!

Feedback and comments always welcome, reach out to me on twitter 

@dannychoudhury or @_tape_sh or just use the chat icon on the homepage

Happy Taping!

🆕 Tape macOS Released!

Happy new year Tapers!

I'm very happy to announce that the new macOS Tape app is live 🎉🎉🎉! You can now record any window on your screen, with the same great experience as the command line.

Remote working is hard enough as it is, and Tape gives you an extra tool in your toolbox to supercharge your collaboration (and cancel those "catch up" calls).

If you have any feedback, feel free to reach out through the chat widget on https://help.tape.sh or on discord https://discord.gg/SaVFydc

Discord community

Hello Tape users! 

I've just setup a new discord community, would love if you joined in on the conversation, and help improve and guide Tape.sh to where you'd like to see it go. Invitation link here -> https://discord.gg/SaVFydc

Look forward to hearing how you use Tape, and how we can make your experience even better



Introducing Device Framing

The latest version of the CLI introduces device framing by default. Your tapes now get framed in a shiny device. Give your release notes or end of sprint that little extra ooomph!

Just run npm update -g tape-cli or if you used brew brew upgrade tape-cli

Tips 🚩:

- Prefer your tapes without a device? --noframe will skip framing. You can also modify it in the new settings prompt using `tape config`

- Want to choose your frame? Add the --selectframe flag, and the cli will prompt you to choose different frames that match your device's resolution

NEW Framing Existing Screenshots and Videos

tape frame YOUR_EXISTING_FILE.mp4 will frame your existing video (if it matches our known resolutions) and upload it to Tape.sh

This might be useful for example, if you want to frame a screenrecording from a real iOS device.

improvement New Settings

tape-cli now lets you configure more settings