📸 Smile for the camera!

Hey, Tape.sh crew!

We are happy to announce v1.8.0 of Tape macOS, bringing fresh features for the webcam overlay - all driven by your feedback!

  • Virtual webcams like Epoc Cam and Camo are now supported within Tape
  • Customise overlay style  want a more professional look? You can now switch to a square-ish camera overlay, and remove the border, right from the preset selector.

Tell us what you would like to see next 👉 https://feedback.tape.sh

You Ask, We Deliver

Thank you for using Tape, and for all the great feedback 🚀 By popular demand the latest version of Tape macOS brings:
- Ability to record your entire screen (including secondary screens) new
- You can now change where your Tapes are saved locally, in Settings. This means you can disable auto-uploads and use Dropbox/iCloud/OneDrive to share Tapes if you preferimprovement

Keep the feedback (and encouragement!) coming! You can reach me on @try_tape and on the Help Site

Whats next?

- Coming very soon: Dashboard UI updates

Introducing Device Framing

The latest version of the CLI introduces device framing by default. Your tapes now get framed in a shiny device. Give your release notes or end of sprint that little extra ooomph!

Just run npm update -g tape-cli or if you used brew brew upgrade tape-cli

Tips 🚩:

- Prefer your tapes without a device? --noframe will skip framing. You can also modify it in the new settings prompt using `tape config`

- Want to choose your frame? Add the --selectframe flag, and the cli will prompt you to choose different frames that match your device's resolution

NEW Framing Existing Screenshots and Videos

tape frame YOUR_EXISTING_FILE.mp4 will frame your existing video (if it matches our known resolutions) and upload it to Tape.sh

This might be useful for example, if you want to frame a screenrecording from a real iOS device.

improvement New Settings

tape-cli now lets you configure more settings