Task Manager 💁‍♂️ ✅

Task Manager is a great tool for controlling and delegating workflows in a simple list.

Tasks are grouped by date for the next 7 days. Overdue are displayed at the top of the list. Tasks with a deadline of more than a week or without a deadline are displayed below. If an employee has notifications turned on, he will receive a notification about a new task.

In development, the ability to attach tasks to customers, orders and goods, as well as notifying employees of the imminent expiration of the task.

Enjoy  😎

April updates 🔆🌿

Friends, at this time of unease for all of us, the HelloClient team is eager to please you with new hot updates:

  • New module of salary accounting
  • Tracking problematic orders
  • Report on returns in the analytics

Please follow this link to get more information.

Ticket deletion

Friends! Now you can “delete” your tickets, it will hide the selected entries from the list of tickets forever. However, in case of urgent need, the deleted ticket can be viewed and restored, this is done through a special window of archived tickets (but it will be added a little later).
What is more, your name and phone number can now be edited in the employee’s window. Until now it could be done in the profile only, which was somewhat confusing to our users 💁🏼‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️😰
More announcements to come - stay updated!

New ticket creation window 👌🏻

Now ticket creation has become even easier! We have removed all unnecessary steps and all fields have become available in one place. Moreover, no new window pop-up is now required for client creation 😉
We have also updated the text fields, now they are bigger and more notable
And most importantly, these changes were done right close to the launch of the mobile version for our service 🎉 Staying connected!

Set up your list, friend! 😉

Now you can turn on and turn off the displaying of columns in the list of tickets. Just click on the setting icon in the upper right corner of the list of tickets and you can choose which columns you want to be seen 🚀

Introducing - payments for tickets

Hello, friends! We have prepared for you a short overview video on payments for tickets 💁‍♂️

Images in documents 🌄 🌃 🌅

Now you can insert logos into your documents using the image link. Say, you have a company logo in a Facebook group or in Dropbox, just copy the link to the image and paste it into the document using the editor menu 👌🏻

Hello, colleagues 🖖

🚀Now notifications about updates will be shown here! If you see a small light next to the bell icon, it means that there is something important we want to tell you