Important Update ๐Ÿ””

As per the updated Google Playstore guidelines, your Android app must be updated to the latest 3.22.x version before 31st August 2023.

The inability to do so may result in your app being unavailable to all Google Play users. Please make sure to update your Android app as per the latest requirements.

To know more, please read the guide attached below.

Note: Creating a build after triggering the update may take up to 24 hrs. You will be notified via mail when the updated build is ready.

Weekly changelog

Minor improvements

  • Added an icon on the dashboard for rev-share creators to join our WhatsApp community.
  • CTA for free products is now changed to Free instead of Buy on the creator’s websites.
  • Android & iOS: Reskinning and redesigning the app for screens like Purchase history, My Wallet, My Subscriptions, My Wishlist and Search.
  • Android & iOS: Courses which are part of membership have a tag called Included in membership for better visibility and understanding.


  • Remove the 'free' label for 2 seconds on all courses.
  • Country Specific Pricing issue for pricing for IP resolution.
  • Undefined’ coming in the shared course URL.
  • iOS: Incorrect URL opening upon clicking on the "visit our website" link on the home screen empty state.
  • Android: The issue where the app was crashing on clicking the Affiliate dashboard is fixed.

๐Ÿ“ฃ Feature updates in the community ๐ŸŒŸ

Dear Creators,

We’ve heard your concerns about the community feature. So based on your feedback, we're thrilled to announce some enhancements to this feature:

1. Search Functionality: Easily find specific messages within a community.
2. Mentions Section: Track messages where you've been tagged.
3. Number of unread tags: Find the number of people tagging you in each community.
4. Blue Tick Verification: Stand out as a creator.
5. Learner Profile Preview: Get insights on learners upon hovering over their profile image.
6. Nudge for enabling web push: Nudge learners in case they’ve disabled their notifications.

We believe these enhancements would improve your experience in the community. Explore them, engage with learners, and share your feedback.

Thank you for being an integral part of our creator community!

Best regards,
Team Graphy 🚀

Issue in Zoom live class on Apps

On Sunday, May 07, 2023, Zoom deprecated the current SDK version that we were using to run live classes in a secure manner. Due to this, the live classes on the Android app have stopped working. 

We have fixed the issue and the new app version has been released. You can update the app from the app builder or you can reach out to us at We will help you update the app. 

As an alternative, you can ask your learners to join the live classes from the website.

Relaunching Membership

We are thrilled to relaunch the Membership product with a smoother payment experience! 

Earlier, learners had to create mandates so that payments could be auto-deducted. With this new release, creating a mandate is not required. The payment experience is like that of a one-time payment for courses. 

For renewal of Membership, the banner is shown to learners prior to 7 days before the next billing cycle. They can easily make the payment in one click for renewal.

This version of Membership is supported across all payment gateways and Checkout versions.

P.S. Please ensure that your Android and IOS apps are updated to their latest version 3.17⚡

Action Needed: Mark email address as mandatory during checkout

Razorpay has hidden the email address field during checkout. If you are using the single-click checkout feature, you need to change this setting from the Razorpay dashboard. 

Email address is needed to assign the course after purchase.

Please make the email address a mandatory field during checkout. Click here for step by step process -

Track the increase in your revenue from Graphy Assists

The job of every Graphy Assist we launch is to increase your sales. Now, you can check exactly how these features are enabling your business. As a product, we believe in complete transparency.

You can simply go to Reports > then Overview and see the percentage of your total revenue that comes from Graphy Assists. 

You will also get insight into the exact features that are contributing to your success! 

In case you missed out on Graphy Assists, please read all about it here:

Communication Control ๐Ÿช€

Never want to miss a notification from us? You can now choose the email address on which you want to receive all important communication from us. Whether it’s a product update, a billing update, or any pertinent update. 

Simply go to your Profile > Communication email > Put down the email address of your choice > ‘Save’. 

Choose your Zoom recording layout!

We hear you! You can choose the format in which you want to save your recording 😎

Currently, all recordings are saved in the format ‘Active speaker with shared screen’ which only records your session and the screen you’re sharing.

Now, you can save your recording in the ‘Gallery view with shared screen’ so all learner interactions will also be saved! 

Simply go to Settings > Live class > Recording view and choose the option that suits you best.

For even more info, check out this link

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