Weekly changelog

Minor improvements

  • Added an icon on the dashboard for rev-share creators to join our WhatsApp community.
  • CTA for free products is now changed to Free instead of Buy on the creator’s websites.
  • Android & iOS: Reskinning and redesigning the app for screens like Purchase history, My Wallet, My Subscriptions, My Wishlist and Search.
  • Android & iOS: Courses which are part of membership have a tag called Included in membership for better visibility and understanding.


  • Remove the 'free' label for 2 seconds on all courses.
  • Country Specific Pricing issue for pricing for IP resolution.
  • Undefined’ coming in the shared course URL.
  • iOS: Incorrect URL opening upon clicking on the "visit our website" link on the home screen empty state.
  • Android: The issue where the app was crashing on clicking the Affiliate dashboard is fixed.