Feb 21, 2021

announcement  Input Field

"To allow clients enter/submit information while they accept the proposal" - this feature has been requested by many users. We have introduced this feature in the most recent update. It is similar to textbox, of special kind. You can set default message to be displayed, make it mandatory/optional, resize, set color, etc.

You can drag-drop the Input Field block to proposal page.

You can set its properties

How to use it (help guide, video guide).

If the field is mandatory, clients can not accept/sign-off the document without entering requested details.

announcement  Multiple Internal Signatory

If your VA, pre-sales team is creating, drafting a proposal/ contract document, now s/he can assign a eSignature to you. You can have multiple representatives from your side as well as multiple representative from client side to sign the proposal.

How to use it, here is a video guide.

announcement Price Format - Locale Support

As Fresh Proposals is used across countries with different locales. We have been supporting multiple different currencies however users wanted to display proposal pricing format according to locale of their clients, e.g. clients in Germany use decimal separator as comma (,) instead of dot (.); thousand separator as dot (.) instead of comma (,); whereas people in France use space ( ) as thousand separator.

So when someone in France/ Sweden is looking at your proposal, it will look like as shown below.

When the same proposal is seen by someone in US, UK, India, it will be seen as below

Here is a video guide about it.

improvement Set Default Email Template

When you have multiple email templates configured in your account settings and you would like to use one of those as default as 'Reminder' or 'Thanking' rather than system default one, you can now set default Reminder, Thanking email template.

You can set up another email template as default one as shown below.

Here is a video guide about it.

You can also override the default template in your proposal emailer.

improvement Stripe Payment Notifications/ Status Update

If your account has Stripe payment enabled and proposals with non-zero fees table (proposals with some value) are sent to client, client will be prompted to make advance payment after a proposal is accepted. 

This improvement will notify if client payment of advance proposal amount is successful or has failed.

  • Client gets email about payment status
  • Proposer gets email about payment status
  • System updates proposal status to display whether advance payment is successful or failed

improvement Page Thumbnail Horizontally Aligned

Based on one of the user's suggestion (and we are with him) regarding better usability, viewability of page thumbnails in the left side pane - we have updated the listing of page thumbnails. Instead of displaying small thumbnails of section pages one below other, they are now organized horizontally three page thumbnails in a row and next thumbnail will be added to a row below it.

improvement Set Label for Proposal Button

 You can set the label for proposal button used in the initiating (first) proposal email

Video guide  

improvement 'Add Content Table to Snippet' Option

As a further improvement to Snippet features, now you can add Content table to Snippet library and you can use it across proposals and templates

fix Issues

Component Duplicate Issues Due to Page Duplication -  Fixed

Import Fees Fable - Description Gets Cropped - Fixed

Undo-Redo Button Tooltip Switched - Fixed

Standard Variable: Client Country was not displayed in preview - Fixed

Renaming of Duplicated Proposal Wasn't Saved - Fixed

UI Performance Related Issues - Fixed

Firefox Browser Related UI Alignment Issues - Fixed