Two-Factor Authentication Now Available on Mobile Apps

We are thrilled to announce that all Earth Class Mail accounts now come with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), allowing you to enable additional security settings on your account from anywhere, anytime, and any device.

What is 2FA? 

The 2FA feature is an authentication method requiring an additional verification factor to confirm your user identity and grant account access. Once you take steps to enable 2FA, your account is protected even if your password becomes compromised. Anyone trying to access it will have to provide a unique one-time verification code. The verification code is only available on your designated authentication device.

To enable 2FA on your iOS or Android mobile device, follow the four easy steps below.

Step One: 

Update your mobile app to the most current version.

Step Two: 

To activate your multi-factor authentication feature, navigate to the

Settings > Security page. 

Click on Two-factor authentication.

Step Three:

Choose your authentication method: Text Message (SMS) or an Authenticator App. See the next steps for both options below. 

Using the Text Message (SMS) Option:

Click the toggle next to Text message (SMS).  Add your mobile phone number or confirm an existing one. This number will be used to send you an SMS with a security code. 

A confirmation code will be sent to your mobile device as a text message. Enter the 6-digit code within ten minutes.

Using the Authenticator App Option:

To use an authentication application, click the toggle next to, Authenticator app. Then, scan the QR code with an authenticator app of your choice or set up an authenticator app on the same mobile device you are on; click the code below to copy and paste it on your authenticator app. After successfully adding the token code to the authenticator app, click Continue.

Copy the code generated in the authenticator app into the ECM app and click Continue.

Step Four:

Safeguard the backup code! 

Once 2FA is enabled, your backup code will automatically generate and appear on your screen. Please keep this number in a safe place. If you lose access to your verification method, you will need this code to access your account. 

Your setup is complete!

Trusted Devices

If you want the convenience of 2FA but don't want to generate a code each time you log in, click on the  "Trust this device" checkbox during authentication. Your device will be added to a list of Trusted Devices and you will not be asked for a security code on this device again. 

You can always examine the list of Trusted Devices by going to Settings > Security > Trusted devices.

That’s a wrap!

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