The new Earth Class Mail© app for Android™ is here!

The new Android™ app has been released on Google Play.   Our customers will now be able to access their mail wherever they are--without having to be near their mailbox, their computer, or even in the same country as their mail.  

Enjoy the freedom of working remotely without having to worry about the mail!

Download it now

New features

The new Android™ app allows you to set notifications, receive mail remotely, see incoming mail, view scans of the exterior mail, and email the contents in a text-searchable PDF.  You also have additional choices to archive, shred, and download to your favorite cloud provider, or store your mail in our warehouse - for an additional fee after 30 days.

More to come

We are currently working on adding more features to the Android™ app. Some features such as requesting shipments or check deposits, moving items between folders or another recipient are not available with this release. These features and more will be developed iteratively in the next releases. 

That’s a wrap!

At Earth Class Mail, we take your customer satisfaction seriously. Each week we analyze customer feedback and then work towards creating the best possible experience for you.

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