Swipe Action Menu and UI Improvements on the Earth Class Mail iOS App

The new swipe action menu with color and other enhancements is now available for iOS devices in the Apple Store. Customers will experience a more familiar and consistent experience across all platforms. The updated swipe action menu now presents text labels under each action to provide visual cues and prevent errors. The use of swipe gestures can cut down the number of steps to take actions on your virtual mail such as scanning, shredding, archiving, or moving your paper mail to the trash. In addition, the updated MailRoom interface improves the readability of your read versus unread mail items for an improved and more user-friendly experience.

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See how the improved swipe menu feature works
The newly updated swipe menu has labels that add additional colorful visual cues under each action. The action icons are now consistent with the status icons. The easy-to-spot visual cues provide a more user-friendly experience and make it easier to spot errors.

In the iOS Earth Class Mail app, navigate to: 
Choose your mail item first > swipe left or right for options.

Swipe left to mark read or unread

Swipe right to choose from other options including Shred, Scan, Archive, or Trash

See the new look of the improved user interface
The updated MailRoom interface helps distinguish between your read versus unread mail items by adding more contrast, increasing the width of text fields, and decreasing visual clutter.

Improved User Interface: Light

Improved User Interface: Dark

🙌 Note: The updated swipe menu feature and professionally designed user interface are some of the most recent steps we have taken to increase the quality and consistency of our customer's experience.

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