New Search Feature Now Available on the Earth Class Mail Android App

The new mobile search feature has been released for Android devices on Google Play. With the new search and filter options, our customers can now access specific mail items faster. No more scrolling through entire lists in each folder to find what they are looking for. Search mail items by recipient, sender, tags, and scanned mail—all from a mobile phone or tablet.

🙌 Note: The new search feature works on the Earth Class Mail web application, mobile device, or tablet. Just be sure to update your Android app to the latest version in the Google Play store.

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How to search for mail items
Click on the search icon and enter a query that contains a combination of text, tag, or recipients to filter out mail items, or select a folder and enter a search query from there.

In the Earth Class Mail Android app, navigate to:
Top right > Search icon > Enter search query

🙌 Note: By default, the search feature will present suggested tags, recipients, and folders.
Click on the "See All" button to open a list of all recipients, all tags, or all folders.

How to clear a search query
Edit or remove search queries by clicking on X next to a tag. If there are no results from the search query entered, it will display no items matching for the query entered.

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🙌 Note: Don't forget to to update your Android app to the latest version in the Google Play store.

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