Introducing New Earth Class Mail Integration Features!

We are excited to launch a new experience for the Earth Class Mail (ECM) integrations page that provides seamless connectivity with, Quickbooks, Xero, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zapier, and the ECM API. The ability to share, embed, and customize integrations allows individuals and organizations to automate and enhance data flow directly from the Earth Class Mail web application.  

The new experience makes it easier to manage your integrations with a dedicated view for each integration with more information and easy-to-follow setup instructions.  

Quickly Identify Integration Status

Easily identify which integrations are active by looking for the green 'Connected' status button in the top-right corner of each integration tile.

Add New Integrations

Select the "Connect" link inside the tile to add a new integration. The next screen provides a Connection Setup Guide and a "Connect Account" link. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your integration.

QuickBooks Integration

Manage Current Integrations 

You can see all current connections and account details from the individual integration tiles. From this view, you can disconnect or rename an integration and review the Connection Setup Guide. 

🙌 Tip! For a more automated solution, we recommend creating an automation rule to send your documents directly to an integration (see next section, Automating Document Delivery to an Integration). Integration

Dropbox Integration

Automating Document Delivery to an Integration

To send documents directly to your integrations, create an automated rule. 

Account Settings > Automation Rules > Add New

Account Settings > Automation Rules > Add New > Select New Recipient

Continue to follow the on-screen prompts to customize your automation rule. For more information with step-by-step instructions, follow this link.

What's Next? 

Future plans include improving the Zapier integration to work with our Two-Factor authentication,  API Key functionality improvements, and more integrations. 

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