Click to Ship on Android Devices With the Earth Class Mail App!

We are happy to announce a new feature available on your Earth Class Mail Android app - shipping! You can now manage your shipping address(es), select a carrier, and ship your mail and packages right from your Android device - anywhere in the world. Other popular features you can access directly from your Android phone or tablet include:

  • Viewing your account and mail.
  • Requesting mail scans.
  • Viewing and sharing your mail as a PDF.
  • The ability to cancel a shipment or check deposit.

Download the Android app

To enable the shipping feature on your Android device, please follow the eight steps below.

Step One: Manage your Shipping

Settings > Shipping Addresses

Step Two: Add new shipping addresses

View the shipping addresses associated with your account or add new ones.

Step Three: Start a shipment

Inbox > 

To start a shipment, navigate to your Inbox and select the item to ship.

Step Four: Shipping Cart

Inbox > More... > Add to Shipping Cart

At the bottom of the screen, choose More and then Add to Shipping Cart. To ship multiple items to the same address, repeat this process.  

Step Five: Check out from Shipping Cart 

Inbox > Shipping Cart

The next screen will show the items ready to ship with a green bar to the left of the item. Next, click on the Shipping Cart button at the bottom of the screen.

Step Six: Confirm shipment(s)

Inbox > Shipping Cart > Ship items

The next screen will confirm the shipments. Click Ship Items

Step Seven: Select shipping details 

The following steps will guide you through the shipping options, and details such as: require a delivery signature, insurance, your choice of carriers - FedEx, UPS, USPS - and customs requirements if you are shipping outside the United States. 

Step Eight: Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation screen for final review. Click OK to continue. 

Your shipment is now complete!

View Pending Shipments and Processed Shipments from the shipments tab.  

What’s next?

Future upgrades will include a bulk selection mode for an even faster shipping process. 

That’s a wrap!

At Earth Class Mail, we take your customer satisfaction seriously. Each week we analyze customer feedback and then work towards creating the best possible experience for you.

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