A New Feature - Edit Sender’s Name Now Available on Earth Class Mail Mobile Apps

The new edit sender’s name feature has been released for Android and iOS devices on Google Play and the Apple Store.  Our customers are now able to edit a sender's name from their mobile device or tablet. This capability comes in handy for items with "Unknown Sender" or when the sender's name is incorrect. This allows customers to find and sort their mail faster and more efficiently from their mobile device or tablet.

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How to edit the sender’s name
Navigate to your inbox and view the item’s detail screen, click on the "More" button at the bottom right. Then select the "Edit sender’s name" option. A pop-up window will open that enables you to edit the sender’s name, and then click OK to confirm it.

In the Android or iOS Earth Class Mail apps, navigate to:
Choose your mail item first > Then on bottom right > Select More > Edit sender’s name

ANDROID Example:

APPLE iOS Example:

🙌 Note: The edit sender’s name feature works on your Earth Class Mail web application, mobile device, or tablet. Just be sure to update your mobile app to the newest version in the Apple Store or on Google Play

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