A New Dashboard for Earth Class Mail Customers

Introducing our new Dashboard!

We are excited to announce the release of a new Dashboard view for our web application.

The new Dashboard view was designed based on customer feedback and the key services you access most.  You can avoid navigating through multiple menus to see and manage your account. With this new top-level view, you can spot your new mail, recent activity, the status of the services you’ve requested, plan details, usage, and the number of items incurring storage fees - all in one place.

The Dashboard is now the default view when you log into your account at  earthclassmail.com 

See what’s new

Left Navigation Bar

Find your user account information on the top left of the screen. If a triangle is present next to the account #, you can click on it to switch between other users associated with this account. If you navigate away from the Dashboard and wish to come back, it’s the first menu item on the navigation bar.

Top Section - Recent Items in Mailroom

Your most recent mail items appear at the top of the Dashboard. For easy recognition, the large thumbnails show the scanned image of the mail or package. This section gives you a quick snapshot of your most current mail. If you wish to see all items in your mailbox, click on the link: “View all items in Mailroom.”

Middle Section - Service Status

This section is a summary view of your top account activities in one glance:  Scans, Deposits, Shipments, Storage/Usage Fees. Detailed information on any of these items is one click away. Just hover over the ellipse to see more choices. 

  • Scan  - displays the number of new scans and items scheduled for scanning. 
  • Deposit  - displays the quantity and status of your deposits. All mail Items available for deposit appear first followed by the items currently in the check deposit process.
  • Ship - displays the number of pending shipments and the scheduled time for your next shipment. 
  • Store - displays the number of items stored at our facility and those incurring storage fees.   For more detailed information on your storage fees, scroll your mouse over the ellipse on the top right of the Store section. 

! IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING STORAGE FEES:  Mail items will be stored at no cost for 30 days and packages at no cost for 10 days.  Monthly storage fees will accrue after those periods. For more information on current storage fees, go here.  To avoid storage fees, we recommend viewing your account before the end of each month and shred unwanted mail items and ship out any stored packages.

Bottom Section - Account Summary and Address(s)

In the previous user interface, you would have to navigate several menus to manage your account. Now it comes right up after login!  

Right Activity Bar

Your recent activity is now showcased on the Dashboard under Activity. You’ll be able to see all your information from new scans to account deposits.

That’s a wrap!

At Earth Class Mail, we take your customer satisfaction seriously. Each week we analyze customer feedback and then work towards creating the best possible experience for you.

🙋 Do you have feedback for us?  Please reach out: mobile@earthclassmail.com

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