🖼️ Database schema gallery

This had been in the works for 2-months now, it's finally launched! The gallery is a collection of 200+ database schemas of open-source packages, useful as references when architecting your app's next feature. If you haven't seen it, check it out here. You can still suggest more diagrams, I plan to continuously grow the library with more schema diagrams.

Thanks to all of you that supported the launch, it went surprisingly well 🤯:

  • Featured on ProductHunt homepage for the day - Link
  • #3 on Hacker News - Link

Also gathered tons of feedback from the new users on the day, excited to work on them especially the popular ones. Presentation (full-screen) mode, and table notes would probably be next, stay tuned!

📥Clone into existing diagrams

Previously you could clone any of your diagrams to start a new diagram. With this update, you now have a new option to append the cloned diagram into any of your existing diagrams, even into a diagram of another team (as long as you have the right permissions there).

Works for any template diagrams in our template gallery (that's coming soon) as well! 

🆕Smarter positioning new tables

Another usability improvement, new tables added will always be positioned within the viewport next to the sidebar. Much easier to view changes as you go about creating your table columns etc.

This works regardless of the current pan/zoom-level of the diagram. Tiny improvement, but I've cursed 🤬 at having to zoom around to find that one new table, more times than I'd like to admit.

🔛Collapsible sidebar

Small usability improvement, you can now hide the sidebar to see more of your schema, especially useful in view-only or presentation mode.

It's the small details 🙂

👐Nicer (card) preview when sharing

Diagrams in DrawSQL gets shared around quite a bit on social channels (e.g. Slack, Twitter and face. Up until now it looks unpolished because of the missing Open Graph meta tags:

Much better now:

It also shows a screenshot preview for public diagrams.


Embed your database diagrams anywhere on the web!

That means it's much easier to include your DrawSQL database schema as part of your documentation now (e.g. in Confluence, Notion or any others), and not have to worry about syncing changes to keep it up-to-date. Some users have also started using this in their blog and Medium posts!

For now it's still missing the frontend 😬, eventually you'll get a nice interface to copy the embed code to copy directly to your site.

The frontend is ready now, just click on the 'share' dropdown in the top nav to get started!

🧮Support composite indexes and keys

Announcing support for composite primary & unique keys, as well as composite indexes comprising of multiple columns.

We're really excited for this one! To be honest, this took much longer than we'd like. What you're seeing is actually our 3rd-rebuild of the feature since we really wanted to nail the UX, by providing this additional functionality without compromising the minimal uncluttered feel of both the editor and canvas.

Also, the specified composite key/index supports ordering of the columns within. In most cases order won't matter, but in those few instances where it does for your app, it's good to know that your covered.

Let us know what you think, if you see anyway this can be improved further.

🔎Zoom to Fit

An additional zoom control that let's you easily 'reset' your pan position and zoom level to fit the diagram within your viewport.

🧭Public roadmap

🤔💭Got a feature request or feedback for DrawSQL? It's now even easier to surface those thoughts on the newly launched roadmap: https://drawsql.app/roadmap

The roadmap also offers more transparency on what's in progress and what's in the pipeline. You can also upvote if you like an idea proposed by others.

Always love hearing from users!

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