Your new videoconferencing system is available 🥳

You've been waiting for it with impatience: your new videoconferencing tool is now available on Atolia. Always more powerful, always more possibilities! 🚀

Among the new features, you can create different meeting rooms during your call with the breaking room feature. It is ideal for discussing certain topics in small groups without having to leave the videoconference.

You can also:

  • Invite participants via a link or phone number
  • Share your screen
  • Customize your camera background
  • Launch a poll
  • Chat with the integrated messaging system
  • Share a video or audio with all participants
  • Raise your hand to speak
  • Share your reactions...

The interface design is also more intuitive and optimal to simplify your experience!

With audio and video calls, stay connected with your collaborators, partners or clients. Your meetings and webinars will be more effective than ever! ✅

Try your new videoconference now and tell us what you think. 🙌

New features to simplify your daily activities on Atolia 🙌

Invite your collaborators more easily to your workspace 👥

From now on, you can copy and paste a list of emails (up to 100 currently) from the "Add users" button at the bottom left of your workspace.

Access all information about events from your external calendars 📅 

On your Atolia calendar, you now have access to more information about events from your external calendars (Google Calendar, etc.), such as the location, description, guests, recurrence, video conference link... Manage your schedule more easily by finding all your professional and personal events on one calendar.

Don't miss any appointments with event reminders 🔔 

Get notified of upcoming events by adding one or more reminders in the settings of your calendars. 

Alternatively, choose to add reminders only to specific events when they are created or modified.

Finally, stay organized with your Documents module 📁 

With this new structure, you can easily find: 

  • All documents: All the documents you have access to
  • My documents: The documents you created/uploaded directly in this module
  • Shared documents: The documents that have been shared with you on your workspace, in groups, etc.

Save money on Atolia with the referral program 🤩

Do you want to reduce your Atolia invoice in a few clicks? It's quick and easy with the referral program 👌

How does it work? Invite new people or organizations to create an account on Atolia thanks to your referral link available in your administration panel. 

✅ If these people sign up for a subscription, your company receives 20% of the subscription amount in credits, which will be deducted on your next invoice.

 Referrers receive 5% off for one year for any Premium or Business subscription.

Don't wait any longer, tell your customers, partners or friends!

Save money while boosting the productivity of your teams, isn't it nice? 😄

Find all the information on our Help Center 👉

Your Knowledge module becomes the Notes module 📝

The Knowledge module becomes Notes. Everything has been redesigned to provide you with an even more intuitive and ergonomic tool. 📝

From now on, write your notes, memos, processes, frequently asked questions or other information pages with ease, alone or with others.

Thanks to a super intuitive interface and keyboard shortcuts, add titles, checklists, images... in an instant.

Don't wait any longer, discover now your new Notes module. 😉

To know more about it, have a look to the Helpdesk.

New on Atolia! 🙌

All our team is listening to you to answer your needs! That's why we have made several new features and improvements. 👇

  • Stay informed with the follow-up of a task 📣

In your Project module, you can now follow or not a task by clicking on the eye icon. 👁

This allows you to be notified and follow the progress of a task, even if you are not assigned to it. For example, you will be notified if it has been validated or if your collaborators have added comments.

  • Advanced search throughout your workspace has also evolved 🔎

Now, by clicking on a result of your search (message, task or event), access this item directly in its context (thread, project or calendar).

  • Track changes to your documents! 👀

In shared documents, you can see the name of the last person who changed the file name or content. 📝

Big news 🎉

We are proud to announce that Atolia joined the group Saas Labs US Inc! 🎉

SaaS Labs is a fast-growing company which offers communication, workflows and productivity solutions for Sales and Support teams. The group has more than 6000 clients and recently raised 42 million dollars.

What is going to change?

Even though SaaS Labs is based in California, Atolia remains a proud and french company 🇲‍🇫

On the technical side, nothing changes. Our infrastructure and your data stay in France and GDPR-friendly.

On the people side, we had the opportunity to hire 5 new people to take further the solution 🚀 

Why this merger?

We share the same values and there is a double challenge. At Atolia, this partnership will boost our developmment and allow us to go to international markets. On its side, SaaS Labs will complete its solutions range.

During the next weeks, on Atolia, you will discover new enhancements and features from our ambitious roadmap 🙂

Atolia team

What's new on your mobile app! 📱

A new navigation menu has appeared on your mobile app. From now on, you will have easier access to your profile but also to the notification center, on iOS and Android. 🔔

The management of a space's settings has also been revised. Just click on the name of your space that is at the top of the menu bar to manage them.

Stay connected anywhere, anytime with your mobile app! 🙌

What's new in your notification system 🔔

For a more productive and serene collaborative work, you can now customize the notifications of your Atolia workspace on mobile from your web application. 🔔

You have the same notification preferences on your mobile app as on your desktop app:

  • With the "All New Messages" option, you receive a notification for each new message on your mobile.
  • With the "Mentions only" option, you receive a mobile notification only for messages in which you have been mentioned.
  • With the "No notification" option, you will not receive any notification on your mobile.

To do this, from your web browser or desktop application, go to your profile at the top left of your interface. Click on "Profile" and then on the "Enterprise Settings" tab. In the "Team Notifications Settings" section, you can choose your notification preferences. And that's it! 😊

What's new in your application! 🎯

We have improved the search in your app! From now on, you have a search bar at the very top of your screen to simplify access to your information. 🔎

Simply click on it and type in a search criteria such as "meeting".

Once launched, you will arrive on a page dedicated to results. You can perfom research on the content of a message, the name of a document, the name of a task, the content of a knowledge page or the name of an event.

Of course, this is a first version. We will continue to improve and refine the search to make your daily work easier. 🚀

What's new in your project module! 🎯

We have improved the display of your project module to simplify your access to information! 🙌

From now on, viewing your projects is more intuitive and will make your daily work easier.

Get to the bottom of all your projects with your new dashboard! 🚀

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