What's new in your app: Reminders, Notifications & Unread messages

We have improved Atolia by adding some cool features you suggested us 👊 

Get the right notification when you need it 🔔

Never miss anything with reminders

You can set reminder emails when you're not connected to Atolia for a specific duration. By default, you will get a summary email after 24 hours of inactivity.

You can set the duration to 15 minutes, 1 hour or Never by going to your Profile then on your workspace settings and finally the "Email notifications" sections. 

Don't be overwhelmed with notifications

You were already able to set precisely your notifications rules for every group you are part of (all new messages, mentions only, no notifications...).

Now, you can have a preview of all your group notification rules that are different from your global settings. Go to your Profile then Workspace settings. You'll have a summary of your notification settings and you'll be able to remove them directly from there.

Answer later 🙈

You can mark a direct message or a group message as "unread". Simply click on the three dots button and choose "mark this message as unread".

It will create a new notification that you come back to later.