Coming to Apartbook in June.

New functionality is important to everyone using Apartbook and we want to keep you posted with new and exciting functionality.

New Reports

  • Year on year 
  • Debtors 
  • Booking Acquisitions 

Details on how the reports work will be released as the update is pushed live. 

Downloading information 

  • Report downloads 

There are continuing projects and features being developed alongside this announcement which we will update all customers about when testing has been completed. 

Thank you for choosing Apartbook to support the running of your business. 

Apartbook Team 😃 

Help us Help You.

At Apartbook we want to be the best we can be at communicating with you. In order to help us achieve this, we have introduced a new support service to the system. The support service helps us to manage any tickets raised. It allows us to create projects, track progress and priorities functionality requests. 

As Apartbook grows, new people will be introduced to the business with direct email communication for support and feature request becoming more difficult to manage. Our new support software means anyone in the team will be able to pick up on a request and assist you. 

Moving forward when requesting tech support or future improvements please raise a ticket in the Get Support area of Apartbook. Of course, we are still at the end of the phone to talk to, as we love to have a chat, but even the team at Apartbook sometimes need to sleep. 😴 

To use the Support area click the Get Support button

This will take you to the Help Centre page 

You can then raise a ticket by clicking Raise a Support Ticket button.

This will take you to the Helpdesk page. Please select a category you would like support with from the options on the screen. 

Finally fill in the details required and leave us a message.

Please give us as much information as possible, include images if required and help us to understand the request. The more we know the quicker the issue will be dealt with or a feature designed and built. 

We are working hard to bring you a full manual and a knowledge base of Apartbook, which is also being created for the Customer Help Centre. 

Thank you for trusting Apartbook with your business and supporting our growing company to bring you the best technology available in the industry. 😀 

Richard & Mikey 

Adding Customer References.

Different customers may require their own reference numbers to be used in the booking. You can now add this to each booking in the Notes & Additional Information card on the Guest Booking Screen.


The Customer Reference will automatically appear on the Invoice. 

Invoice Styles

You can now customise your invoice, adding colour and payment information footer. 

The colour will automatically be pulled in from your company colours. 

To add Payment information go to - Settings -Invoice Settings - and add text to the Invoice Notes box.

Example of the new invoice style. 

Further customisation for Invoicing is planned as part of ongoing Apartbook development. 

Test Email Template

Making sure your email template is perfect, is important to portray the best brand image. You can now test your email template by sending a test email.

Simply go to Email and Automation - Email Template and send a test email. 

Inclusive/ Exclusive Tax

When creating a booking you can now change the tax rate between inclusive or exclusive. The tax rate is pre-selected to match your global bookings settings, however, to change this for each booking it is a simple as selecting the toggle on the Create a Booking screen.

The toggle will be grey if tax is excluded and green if the tax is included.

Excluding tax toggle.

Including tax toggle.

The tax rate can also be changed on past bookings by simple changing the toggle in the Apartment and Stays card on each booking.

Please refresh your system for updates. 

Overbooking Alert

Following feedback we have fixed the position from of the overbooking alert. Although overbooking should be rare it is important to alert all users of of the issues should they arise.

If you get a overbooking, you will now see a red band appear at the top of the screen. This will not block anything else on the screen, however the band will continue to show until the over booking is dealt with.

Covid 19 (Coronavirus )

With so much uncertainty surrounding the current global health situation we wanted to reassure you our customer that nothing has changed at Apartbook.

We are continuing with development and support of the software from home allowing us social distancing as recommended. You can still call us on the phone or raise support tickets.

We hope you and your teams are well and stay safe during this difficult time.

Thank you,

Richard & Mikey

New Guest Manifest

Knowing who is staying is important to any hospitality business.

The update guest manifest allows you a clearer overview of who is currently staying and in what apartment. You will notice icon changes and added information to the screen.

An important emergency feature!

You can now download the guest manifest and print should you need to take with you.

To download: Click the download button in the top right side of the screen. The button is highlighted in purple and blue.

Check-in area updates.

The Check-in/ Check-out and overdue has received some added functionality, and a new look and feel.


You can now check in a guest and easily uncheck-in if you made a mistake. The checked-in guest will show underneath the bookings still awaiting to be check-in.

Overdue Check-in/ Check-out

In cases where you have many overdue check-outs/check-ins you can now select all by: clicking the select all box then click check- out all select.

We have also spent some time making the check-in buttons feel quicker, as it no longer asks if you would like to check-in the guest.

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