Genius Icon

If you sell Genius rates on, you will now be instantly able to see if a guest has selected a Genius rate at the top of the booking page. The Genius icon has been added to any booking that has been booked on a Genius rate. 

This feature is only available if you use Apartbook's channel manager. If you are using STAAH the icon will not appear. 

If you would like to move to Apartbook's channel manager please contact a member of the team. 

Thank you, 

OTAs Commision.

Apartbook has now introduced the commission rates charged by and Airbnb. They will now appear on the booking information. Airbnb will also be added to your invoice.


The commission will not appear if you use STAAH channel manager as Apartbook does not receive that information from STAAH. 

If you would like to move to Apartbook channel manager please contact a member of the team. 


Virtual Cards

If you are using Apartbook channel manager and receive payments via virtual cards from the information will now be displayed in the format below.

Once you have received the virtual card you can charge the card in Apartbook one day after check-in as per terms below.

  • From 1st of November 2019: You can see virtual credit card details in the extranet for 18 months (547 days), starting from the check-out date. 
  • The activation date of all outstanding and future Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) is one day after the check-in of the reservation.
  • If you haven’t already charged a virtual credit card after a guest has checked out, you’ll have up to 12 months (365 days) to charge it.

The virtual card information is not available if you are connected to STAAH, as this information is not passed through to Apartbook. If you would like to move to Apartbook channel manager please contact a member of the team. 

Thank you,

New Create a booking form

Apartbook has had a refresh of the Create a booking form. 

New Icons:

The new customer Icons will be system-wide making it easily recognisable to see where your customer has is booking from. 

From left to right- Agent Icon, Company Icon and Customer Icon 

New Button

  • To add a new customer you now simply- click the New Button

 Agent Commission

If you are booking an Agent, the commission will show on the booking form. 

  • You can change the commission values or type in this area, this could be for a promotion you are offering.  

Hold Booking button

  • Click the Hold Booking button if you would like to block the calendar with a booking rather than confirm the booking. 

Along with some added features, the new Create a booking has been designed to work quicker and fit for our future mobile-first software. 

This update will be available on 03/09/2019

Thank you,

Apartbook team.

Add Agent commission

Knowing commission values is key to keeping your finances in check. 

To help our customers we have now added commission to the Agent area. It is a simple as setting up your Agents with their agreed commission and Apartbook will work out the rest. 

Go to:

  • Customers & Guest - click Agents

  • You can add a new Agent by clicking the button- New Agent 
  • If you already have an agent set up click on the Agent you would like to update.
  • Once you have opened the Agent you would like to update you will see three tabs at the top of the page, Details, Commission, and Bookings.
  • Click the Commission tab 

  • Now you can enter the commission details and click Save. 
  • The commission will now automatically populate when making an Agent booking in Apartbook. This will also show on your invoice.

You will see the Create a booking form has also had a refresh. Keep your eyes peeled for the update. 

The update will be live on 03/09/2020.

Thank you,

Apartbook team Auto-replenish Feature.

It has come to our attention that has reactivated the auto-replenishment feature. 

This was switched off for all accounts during COVID 19 global lockdowns. 

What is ‘auto-replenishment on closed rooms’?

Auto-replenishment on closed rooms is a default functionality that puts cancelled rooms back up for rent, even if the partner has removed availability for that particular date.

If you accept this feature on your we can not close the availability from our side and this will leave the dates open to selling. 

For more information and how to deactivate this setting, or check to see if it is on your account please click the link below.   

If this is something you do not want to happen, we would suggest you check to see if this has been activated on your account, even if it wasn't before the global lockdown. 

Thank you,  

Apartbook Team

Additional Extras and City Tax

Our new additional extras area offers you the most flexibility when charging extra costs for your apartments. 

This area allows charges for:

  • Cleaning fee
  • City Tax 
  • Tourist Tax
  • Eco Tax
  • Admin Fee
  • Service Fee

How to use. 

For cleaning fees, admin fees, and service fees.

  • Go to Rates & Availability.
  • Click Rates.
  • Select a rate. 
  • Click the Additional Charges tab at the top of the screen.


  • Click Add additional charges.
  • Select Cleaning Fee, Admin Fee, or Service Fee from the dropdown.
  • Add a tax rate. 
  • Click inclusive or exclusive tax toggle.
  • Add a fixed price of a percentage of the total booking amount.
  • Click save


 This will then save and be pushed to your booking engine. 

How to use

For City Tax, Tourist Tax, and Eco Tax.

  • Go to Rates & Availability.
  • Click Rates.
  • Select a rate. 
  • Click the Additional Charges tab at the top of the screen.

  • Click add additional charges 
  • Select City Tax, Tourist Tax or Eco Tax

A pop up will appear 

This area allows you the flexibility to charge the tax rates based on your local laws. 

You can set this for fixed fees, length of stay, percentage of booking, adult or child or even how many nights. 

You can also add different tax season lines by clicking the plus and minus icons over the save button. 

  • Add your Tax rate 
  • Select how many nights you would like to charge. ( if this applies to your region) 

To add one Tax Season

  • Enter a start date.
  • Choose Fixed Fee, Adult Fee, Child Fee, or percentage of the total booking. ( These are specific to your region) 

If the tax is always the same click save.

If you have different fees for different times of the year

  • Click the plus icon ( this is located over the save button)
  • The last date entered will be saved.
  • Choose Fixed Fee, Adult Fee, Child Fee, or percentage of the total booking. ( These are specific to your region) 
  • Click the plus Icon

  • Add a different end date to your fee and click save. 
  • You can repeat this process if you have many different rates for different periods of the year.

Once your fees save you can edit whenever you want by clicking the pen icon or delete by clicking the bin. 

If you have any questions or need further training, please feel free to contact a member of the team. 


Apartbook team 

Booking engine Icons, images and marketing text.

This is a short how-to guide to update marketing information for the booking engine. 

Go to: Rates and Availability

  • Click apartment groups. 
  • Select and click the apartment group you would like to update.

This will bring you to the Screen below. 

Details Tab

If you want your apartment information available to sell to third party channels, click the toggle to make it green. 

  • Click Save.

Marketing info tab

  • Update your marketing information by adding content to the Marketing description box. 
  • Fill in the number the details in the features boxes. 
  • Select the icons that relate to your apartments.

The updates are shown on the booking engine so guests know what your apartments offer. 

  • Click Save.

Marketing Images tab

  • Upload your apartment marketing images. You can add as many as you like and they will show on the booking engine. 
  • Click the image you would like to be the primary image your bookers see. 
  • Click Save.

Apartments Tab

This area is where you group your apartments to sell online. 

  • Click on an apartment from available apartments that you would like to group together.
  • Drag and drop the apartment, into the apartment group. 
  • Click Save.

If you struggle to update any of the features please get in contact with a member of the team. 

Thank you, 

Apartbook team.

Booking engine guide.

This post will help you update your booking engine to add the new features available. 

In the above image, you can see the booking engine has now moved to be under the channel manager area of the system.

Details Tab

  • You will see the booking engine link at the top of the page, this can be used to test your updates and give to customers if you currently don't have a website. 
  • The enable button should only be clicked once you are happy with your booking engine update. 
  • Select a rate for your booking engine to connect to. We suggest using your main rate. 
  • Enter a URL for your guest to click once a booking has been made,. we suggest you enter your website URL.

  • Select the payment logos for the credit or debit cards you accept within your business. Thes will be displayed in the payment area of the booking engine.

  • Click save once completed.

Extras Tab

If you have extras set up in Apartbook they will appear in the booking engine. 

  • Select the extras you would like to use by clicking the toggle to green.
  • Add a price.
  • Add quantity.
  • Add a tax rate you would like to use and click the toggle to green to include or exclude the tax. 
  • Click save once you have finished.

Styles Tab

This tab allows you to style the booking engine how you would like. From changing button colors to complete advanced design through CSS overwrite. 

  • The booking engine title is for customers who do not have a logo, write the name of your company and it will appear on the booking engine. 
  • Upload your logo
  • Change the of buttons, text, and backgrounds by using the colour pickers or entering your brand colour HEX codes. You can check how this has updated the booking engine by clicking into the booking engine link on the details tab.

Advance styles

  • If you know how you use CSS you can change styles throughout your booking engine to fit your brand.

If this is something you can not do and would like your booking engine to look more unique, we can work with you to change this for a fee. Fees are worked out on a case by case bases depending on requirements. Contact a member of the team for more information.

  • Click Save.

Additional Content

Fill in the editor boxes with the policy information and terms and conditions. You can do this with HTML code or copy and paste information into the boxes. The editor allows you to also create this information. Type the information and use the editor to add styles you would like. 

  • Click Save

 Integration Tab

The integration tab allows you to add a complete form to your website. Placing this form at the top of your website will promote customers to book with you. 

  • Style the form by using the booking form editor, this works the same as the style tab. 
  • To add this to your website copy and the code provided and paste onto your site. 
  • If you do not have a have website developer or struggle to do this we will do this free of charge. All you will need to do is allow Apartbook the login details to your website. for more information contact a member of our team. 
  • For other buttons on your website, you can paste the booking engine link and this will direct your guest to the booking page.

  • Click Save.

 Further booking engine features on how to use will be posted in another update, this includes- icons - rates - city tax. 

The new booking engine will be available in Apartbook on Friday 14th August 2020.

Thank you, 

Apartook team.

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