New feature: Custom Metrics

Increase the service level by data visualization

Alertdesk now offers Custom Metrics, which is a fantastic key feature for developers, product owners, and system administrators who needs to ensure the proper health and quality of their hosted online services and platforms. The custom metrics allow you to visually display data and compare over time to discover spikes, trends, and other abnormalities.

Custom Metrics increases the service level of platforms managed by online service owners.

Alertdesk communicates with your system constantly and extracts the metric data from the endpoints configured. Data from these endpoints are extracted and populated and are used to display live and historical charts within the Alertdesk dashboard. 

Convert key data to graphical visualization charts

 Notifications upon abnormalities!

Alertdesk notifies in a wide range of channels

In the configuration of custom metrics thresholds can be configured to monitor and notify if the metric value turns into an unexpected value. E.g., if a metric represents the number of visitors on an e-commerce store the past 10 minutes drops to below a specific threshold a notification (push, teams, slack, turn on the LED, etc.) is triggered to digital owners or teams for technical analysis and error correction.

By using the custom metrics, the technical overview and response time are increased. Damage control is avoided.

Individuals and cooperates are using Alertdesk to monitor their online services! E-commerce owners, marketing agencies, development teams, and system integrators benefit from using Alertdesk as QA for their internal and external critical services.

If you would like to know more, then let me know and I will set up a free trial account including custom metrics and all other Alertdesk features.