Meet the new Alertdesk ✨

When we first created Alertdesk, our goal was simple. Create a kickass monitoring solution that is not only simple to use but also provides detailed logs.

We succeeded in doing this. Our uptime check literally takes less than 15 seconds to set up and provides some of the most detailed logs on the market.

But this article isn't (just) about kissing our own ass 🍑 - so here's the point.

When we created our Speed Check and later on our Quality Check, we discovered something interesting. You guys liked it - like really liked it.

What was essentially bi-products became the main attraction for many of you. After numerous emails, chats, and phone calls, we realized that what many of you really wanted was not merely uptime monitoring but performance monitoring.

So we went back to the garage and started tinkering, and this is the result.

The new Alertdesk 🆕

After going through all of your feedback, we decided to pivot. We wanted to go from mainly focusing on uptime monitoring to being an all-in-one solution for website quality & performance monitoring.

So what does this mean? It means we've added a bunch of new features, updated our UI, and changed our plans.

Some of our features include:

⚡Track speed & performance

Dive into our powerful performance report that captures valuable data about your site’s speed. We track daily from both Mobile & Desktop.

🐞 Detect issues and bugs

Quickly locate and fix issues on your site. We test daily for performance, SEO, best practices, and accessibility issues and guide you on fixing them.

💪 Monitor uptime & domain health

Put your mind at ease. We monitor your site’s uptime every minute – 24/7. We also analyze your domain for connection to malware servers and more.

🏆 Benchmark against competitors

“Keep your metrics close and your competitor’s metrics closer.” – Don’t get overtaken by your competitors – benchmark against their scores.

If you haven't already, you can head over to to view all the new features in detail.

Wait, but what about Alertdesk Uptime monitoring?

We are still focusing and developing our Uptime monitoring product. All users will continue on the same plan as they signed up for.

If you are only looking for uptime monitoring, you can still sign up for just this. We are calling this product for Alertdesk ONE.