Traffic Index now Live 🚀

The team is proud to present brand new functionality to the Accurat Dashboard! The Traffic Index module gives you insights into the traffic evolution of you & your competitors.📊

Conduct week-by-week or day-by-day visitation comparisons.

Compare traffic now vs traffic last year.

Dive into your competitors traffic for benchmarking.

Discover the brand and category change for specific periods.

The Traffix Index is a separate module available to Accurat's clients. Don't have access yet? Contact us and we'll be glad to help you out. 😊

Meet our new 'Stores' module

New module alert!🚨 

Ever wondered where exactly your competitors are located or how close they are to your own store?🔎

Our new 'Stores' module has the answer and is now available for all clients.

It is now possible to receive a detailled overview of your own stores and to compare with your selected competitors.

Zoom in and discover a local concentration of stores and competitors or filter by brand, zip code and city.📍

Don't have access to the new module? Contact us here and we'll be happy to help you on your way. 😊

POI Export Module added

Building and maintaining a POI (point-of-interest) database that is up-to-date is a constant challenge. We have now added a POI export module making Accurat's reliable real-world locations accesible to our clients by showing restaurants, stores, schools and much more. In both The Netherlands & Belgium we have +100.000 locations in our database. 

Users that have the module activated can export all the most recent POI's, with complete adress, for any Brand or Category in our database. Also meta-data such as store opening hours can be added.

Exports are done as CSV files for easy import into your system.

Get in touch with our sales team to see how our POI database can benefit your organisation through 

Security update

New security update live.

Security is of the highest importance to us. Everyday we put a lot of effort in keeping up with the highest and most recent security standards.

A recent pen test (where we let our databases, API, admin and other sensitive infrastructure voluntarely get hacked) was succesfull - For us that is, a little less for the hackers ;-). Consequently only minimal adjustments have been suggested for further improvement.

Following 2 adjustments have direct impact on users:

  • Auto log out after 2 weeks of inactivity: unlike before we will log you out not after 30d but after 14d of inactivity. Next time you use Accurat you'll have to log in again.

    Tip: use Accurat every week to avoid being logged out ;-).

  • Password check (not for SAML / SSO users): From now on we will check more thoroughly the quality of a password. Users that created their own Accurat password will still be able to keep using the same password. When creating a new password your browser (we cannot read your password) will check if your password is strong enough before it is accepted.

    Tip: if you doubt the quality of your password we suggest changing it here.

Other security measures concern actions against hackers that try guessing your password by trying 100X times. Also password lock after 3 months of inactivity, automatic access freeze after a predetermined time, user management, SSO login etc. remain in place.

Store & Network split into modules

After the well received split of the Brand & Category dashboard into modules we repeated the exercise for the Store & Network dashboard. 💥 

S&N is now divided into different modules logically grouped per type of insight. 👐 

Don't have acces to our dashboards? Check out how the B&C dashboard looks like here or ask for a demo.

Quick recap 🧑‍🏫
Brand & Category: Consumer, brand & market insights on a brand level. 

Store & network dashboard: Local store & network insights.

S&N Modules:

* Benchmark: Overview of locations and the current footfall of selected locations. 📈

* Traffic: Traffic in your and competitors stores. 🛣️

* Evolution: Deep dive into evolution throughout time for different metrics compared with competitors. (Such as dwell time, frequency, distance travelled..) 🏬

* Loyalty: Deep dive into client loyalty. Who do clients combine with? How is this evolving? How are competitors performing? 🛍️

* Visit transfer: The flows of visits from your competitors to your location (& vice versa) ↪️

* Moments: visit moments (Busiest days? Busiest hours? Share of minutes?). 🕐

* Service area: what are the areas your shops or restaurant serves? 🗺️


Don't have acces to our dashboards? Check out how the B&C dashboard looks like here or ask for a demo.

Brand & Category Dashboard Split Into Modules

We've been super busy over the last few weeks, and we're excited to share you a new update! ⚡️

We've split the Brand & Category dashboard into different modules. 

All the insights and functionality you are used to remain available but are now grouped per type. 

There is now a more clear overview and loading time has decreased. 🚀

On top we've added a central overview for filtering on your brand, desired period and selected competitors. 

Is this update not matching your expectations? Do you have any other feedback or suggestions? We'd love to hear from you. 🙏

Create Automated Reports

New feature alert! 🚨

From now on it is possible to send periodic reports to designated users within our outside of your organisation. 🔥

Open up the alert screen from the side panel:

Choose the dashboard or module to share such as Loyalty, Share of visits, Audiences... for your brand or specific stores 🏪. Set the frequency, select users or add the email addresses of your colleagues and your fresh report is delivered timely.

Folder Optimisation Live

newWe have some exciting news! Our Folder Optimisation tool has been officially launched. 🚀

You ask, we deliver! Now you have another great way to measure and improve the impact of your door-to-door campaign.

With the tool you define your intended campaign reach both for customers as well as for your relevant potential (e.g. your category customers). Use the impact (of incremental visits) from your previous door-to-door efforts to further improve your distribution zones.

A heatmap provides insight on where your relevant clients are located and where your potentential lies.

Filters distribution zone results per store location or per city and get relevant metrics to help you make the best possible selection.

Want to improve the ROI of your next leaflet drop? Request a free demo or check out our whitepaper to find out more. 🔥

New 'time based' audience parameters added

Additional parameters have been added to our audience builder, enabling you to create a whole array of new audiences 🧑‍🤝‍🧑.

Dwell time & visit time were added for category, brand and store (POI) visits.

Set the desired dwell time a client spends in a location of your choosing (your store, a competitors'..), a brand or a category. Along with other parameters you choose. The same goes for visit time to define early morning visits, late evening dwellers at your location or to split lunchers from diners. 

Work with your created audience througout the different dashboards 👨‍💻.

Not sure if you're getting the most out the 'Audiences' functionality? Contact us here and we'll be happy to help you on your way. 😊

Media Attribution Dashboard Updated

The team has been working on adding functionalty on the Media Attribution dashboard for a while. After a great deal of time and effort, we're proud to present some brand new functionality! 🤩

⭐ Campaign reach insights are now more detailled.

Heatmap of where your reached groups live. 
How soon the reached group reacted to your campaign. 
What specific audiences visited your locations compared to before the campaign.

⭐ Multi-touch campaign analysis is now available. Demonstrate which touchpoint causes which impact.

⭐ Return on ad spend. What is the cost and return for each medium?

We're excited to find out if you share our enthusiasm. ✨ Let us know in the chat or contact us here.

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