October Changes


  • New server icon to get into the spirit of Halloween.

  • Voice channels will have a higher bitrate and if more Discord Nitro boosts are achieved channels will automatically update to use the better bitrate.

  • Garry's Mod TTT server - more information will be posted soon about it.

SCN Bot Update & Channel Emoji


  • New command !scbregion -- requires a staff rank. Allows for changing the voice server region for all staff members.

  • Emoji for channel names have been added, this is only a test and may not be permanent.

  • New commands for internal use.


  • New avatars for SCN Bot and SCN Music.

  • Some colors in command responses have been changed to use Simple Craft blue.

  • Updated library to be more efficient.

  • Modified internal logic to make SCN Bot more generic and work on other Discord servers without issue.

May Update


  • Added and removed some emotes to lower overall toxicity.

  • Changes were made to leveling rewards to make the first level reward more obtainable.

  • Added more leveling rewards, more is planned for level rewards.

  • Some ranks were reorganized and/or removed for clarity.

  • Made the change log channel actually visible. Whoops!


  • Basic League of Legends commands have been added in a closed beta. More information coming soon.

  • Automatic pressing of the F key to pay respects on posts deemed worthy.

  • Some under the hood improvements have been added increasing reliability and stability of certain features.

  • Added a way to enter the bat cave.