October Changes


  • New server icon to get into the spirit of Halloween.
  • Voice channels will have a higher bitrate and if more Discord Nitro boosts are achieved channels will automatically update to use the better bitrate.
  • Garry's Mod TTT server - more information will be posted soon about it.

SCN Bot Update & Channel Emoji


  • New command !scbregion -- requires a staff rank. Allows for changing the voice server region for all staff members.
  • Emoji for channel names have been added, this is only a test and may not be permanent.
  • New commands for internal use.


  • New avatars for SCN Bot and SCN Music.
  • Some colors in command responses have been changed to use Simple Craft blue.
  • Updated library to be more efficient.
  • Modified internal logic to make SCN Bot more generic and work on other Discord servers without issue.

May Update


  • Added and removed some emotes to lower overall toxicity.
  • Changes were made to leveling rewards to make the first level reward more obtainable.
  • Added more leveling rewards, more is planned for level rewards.
  • Some ranks were reorganized and/or removed for clarity.
  • Made the change log channel actually visible. Whoops!


  • Basic League of Legends commands have been added in a closed beta. More information coming soon.
  • Automatic pressing of the F key to pay respects on posts deemed worthy.
  • Some under the hood improvements have been added increasing reliability and stability of certain features.
  • Added a way to enter the bat cave.

Combat Changes

We’ve introduced a new combat logging system to prevent combat logging with both PvP and PvE. This change was introduced to prevent abuse of vanilla game mechanics involving the ability to logout. With the change we have been experimenting with flight specifically for building and exploring in the over world. Engaging in combat, both initiating combat or getting attacked, will stop flight and the user will plummet to the ground. Flight can only be resumed thirty seconds after taking or dealing damage.

New Changelog

Hi everyone,

We’re going to be using this website to keep track of changes that are made to the server. If you ever request something to be changed or if something is changed by us we will try to document it here. It is not fair to not announce changes to everyone and leave people in the dark. Depending on how well this works we might look for an alternative service.

On behalf of the Simple Craft staff,

Thank you for reading this.