-Quick Actions now have labels so you know what you're clicking on!

Bug Fix

-Major issue where freeloaders could get exploit in through demo page fixed

Free Trial Watermark

-Free trial watermark re-introduced to prevent abuse


Changes to Saucy Discord Moderation

~Autoban for Discord accounts < 1 week of age.

~New rules set to agree to (must have verified phone number as well).

~Invite links disabled (you have to subscribe to Saucy to be a community member).

If anyone is caught attempting to defy the rules in any way which is set to protect the best interests of our community, they will be IP & perma-banned.



Try, Enter, & Demo are now blobs on starter screen!


some Quick Actions icons

-background of search 

-settings stars background

All would glitch/lag onload, this has been fixed.

Free Trial Changes

-Free trial now defaults to the route you're on (for search results & people getting to try it without going back to the route they're on), instead of /. Once your free trial is over, it will default to /.

-Free trial limited to 15 seconds from 30 seconds, after experimenting I think this will work best. The balance is between letting people try it & not giving people too much since you can have unlimited free trials.



~Crypto Bridge : Bridge your crypto assets from various blockchains.

~Dreams : A dream interpreter that saves your dreams.

~ShareGPT : View others ChatGPT prompts.

~Stock News : Stock news for any ticker on any day.



The Saucy demo is here! Now you can learn about everything the interface does. Demo is next to "try" on the starter screen.



~Airports : View airport arrivals, departures, map of inside, weather, nearby hotels, car rental, & train/bus locations.

~Amtrak Trains : Track Amtrak trains.

~Blog : Create a blog and post content to it.

~Flight Number : Enter your flight number and find out all sorts of flight & airport information.

~Subway : Real-time NYC subway tracker.

~Trains : Track trains worldwide.


Minor speed improvements.



~Academic Papers : Academic papers search.

~Crypto Screener : Crypto screener for DEX.

~Domain Names : Search for domain names.

~How : How to do things.

~Meditation Space : Your space for meditation.

~Podcast Search : Search within podcasts with AI generated transcriptions.

~TV Search : Search engine for TV shows.

Speed Improvements

-faster (more javascript moved from main thread to Cloudflare Zaraz)

-less font size (condensed Font Awesome by putting it into Fontforge & only selecting needed typefaces, & also condensed its css stylesheet by only adding icons being used to it)


Saucy has some new customization upgrades, let's talk about it!


You can now drag any of the icons at any time & create your own layout!


Resize/rotate the icons at any time through /edit or the edit icon at bottom of settings menu.


Animate the icons in the new animations menu under Appearance>Animations in settings.


Add custom objects & widgets to Saucy in the new add menu under Appearance>Add in settings.

A little update with some big features to make your Saucy experience just a little more free! Enjoy. 🦄🎉



~Create Data : Create data on the fly using AI.

~Fortnite Islands : Fornite creative islands and map codes.


-Added "Fun" to starter screen benefits

-Added "Social" to starter screen benefits

-Added "Support" to starter screen benefits


Added to Starter Screen based on feedback :

~Security as benefit. SSL is now a separate benefit.

~Community as a benefit. To go with Foundation.

~Changed Privacy benefit to be more specific.

~New FAQ section : Background (moved sections of Trust over)

~Added "Our Server?" and "Privacy" to trust FAQ section

~Added a big explainer for anyone who is confused or skeptical of Saucy, and called attention to it at top (since it is biggest objection we get as to why people don't subscribe)


-Just discovered using "back button" in browser on iframed routes actually goes back in the iframe route, not even on the main site, making Saucy better, may be a new Svelte/Sveltekit feature not sure

-Saucy uses slightly less javascript now

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