AJ1 Shadow 2.0 - Pre-Release

Good Morning!

We’re looking forward to the AJ1 Shadow 2.0 drop! Please take the following into consideration for today’s release. Thank you and let’s cook!

  1. Please use our FAQ and Terms pages. A large portion of inquiries we receive on release days are answered on those pages. If you are unable to access those for any reason, you are always welcome to email us: help@rsvpkingz.com.
  2. If you do send us an email, please do not send us several different emails/chats with the same question. This will block up traffic and will only delay our response time further. Be considerate of others as we will be working to help everyone in a timely fashion.
  3. Please be patient with us. We are here and ready to cook. On release days, we may have a slightly longer response time, but your inquiry will be addressed as soon as possible!

Note* Use [Ctrl+F] or [CMD+F] on either page linked below to search for a specific term related to your question to make it easier to find!

We appreciate you all and let's cook!

FAQ: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/faq

Terms: https://rsvpkingz.com/pages/terms

Email Us: help@rsvpkingz.com