7 Reviews Response Examples (Rated By Us)

Here at Reviews.io, we often say that receiving a review is just the beginning. Left alone, reviews are static; they’re passive and dead-ended, but engage with them, and their whole dynamic can change. Whether it changes for better or for worse? Well, that, our friends, is up to you.

To help you learn right from wrong and get your review responses absolutely spot on, we’re showcasing an assortment of replies we’ve spotted across our site, from a number of different companies in a variety of industries. We’ll be giving each review response some feedback of its own, plus a Reviews.io score out o…

🔥 New In-Email Review Collector

We have added a new in-email review template, this means your customers can now leave reviews without leaving their email. We have noticed that this improves conversion.

This is a free upgrade to all account.

⭐ How To Get Stars In Google Search Results ⭐

Although all the stars you see in Google may look the same, many come from slightly different sources and have different purposes too.

There are a few ways to get stars to appear in Google Search Results, both of the paid and unpaid variety. Today we're going to talk you through the different options so you can find a perfect fit and maximise your visibility in the SERPs.

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