Shopify Discount Combinations 🏷️

If you're on Shopify, you can now easily enable different discount combinations for both advocate rewards and friend offer coupon codes. 

You may choose to allow discount combinations for:

  • Product discounts
  • Order discounts
  • Shipping discounts

To start using this feature, go to Campaigns -> Rewards -> Advocate Reward or Friend Offer tab. 

📣 Seamlessly embed a referral CTA in your "Thank You" page

With our new Referral Extension, promoting your referral program to happy customers is easier than ever!

  • Simply add the Referral Extension as an app block in your Shopify Theme Editor. Learn More
  • Choose between showing the referral link immediately or after signup - customise this on the Widgets page.

This feature is currently only available to Shopify Plus merchants with Checkout Extensibility enabled.

🖼️ Upload your favicon

Upload an image that appears on the tab of pages to help your customers easily identify your brand. The favicon uploaded will be used on customer-facing pages such as the Join Page and the Friend Landing Page. 

All you have to do is go to Emails & Pages, select Edit on your selected theme and upload your brand's favicon under the Branding panel.

🎯 Updates to segmentation features

New operator for the Lifetime Spend criteria - you can now set the filter to be greater or equal to a specified value.

Can't decide how to configure criteria for your segment? You can now see a few samples to get you started when you create a new segment. More to come as we add new filters!

🎯 Segmentation now available to everyone

We’re excited to announce that all ReferralCandy users now have access to segmentation!

  • Target exclusive groups of customers based on their lifetime spend
  • This makes it easier to reward and incentivize your best customers 

Learn more -> 

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions or need help setting up segmentation. We’re here to help!

ReferralCandy Live: Q&A

In this fireside chat, we're hosting our CS experts to share their best practices for running a successful referral program Don't miss out on this live 45 min Q&A session - available for the next 3 weeks:

  • Get an overview of ReferralCandy: Learn how it can scale your business
  • Learn best practices: Our CS experts of 5 years, Adam and Caye, will share tips from their experience informing over 30,000 brands
  • Get your questions answered: Anything about 3rd party integrations, landing page or email designs

🎧 Join us here by selecting your preferred time here. See you soon!

New dashboard testing, custom domain, and more

Hello there!

Here are some quick updates on the exciting projects we have been working on:

1. New dashboard rollout

We are testing the new dashboard with 100 merchants to make sure it is working great. Keep an eye out for an invite from us to try the new dashboard!

2. Custom email domain

You will soon be able to send your referral emails via your brand's domain (with the new dashboard). This will give you more control over the branding and deliverability of your emails. We are QA-ing this feature at the moment.

3. Klaviyo improvements

Many ecommerce merchants use Klaviyo for their email marketing. To allow you to manage and automate your referral emails in Klaviyo, we are improving our Klaviyo integration. Let us know below if you have any specific feedback on our Klaviyo integration.

If you are not using Klaviyo with ReferralCandy yet, here's how you can set it up.

4. Multi-language text fix

Previously, merchants who enabled multiple languages for their referral program had issues saving edits to their text. This has been fixed. 

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