📢 PRODUCT UPDATE : TV Live Broadcast PRO (IPTV) Module is Released 👉 Details...

📢 PRODUCT UPDATE - Mobiroller Feature Update

1️⃣ TV Live Broadcast PRO (IPTV) Module is Released

With the Live TV PRO (IP TV) module, you can add live broadcast channel lists in your application. 

The system supports all links with .m3u and .m3u8 extensions, including IP TV links. You can prepare applications in many fields such as football matches, Live TV channels, domestic and foreign series, movies. 

You can publish your application on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and reach large audiences.

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Channel List

Your users can see all the channels in the broadcast channel that you have added to your application on a single screen. You can filter these channels with the search button.

Phone and TV Watching Experience

Channels that want to be watched can be watched either full screen or horizontal screen. Users can open the application screens on the TV with the Smart View feature on their phones, if they wish.