We’ve improved both our Shipment Request Calendar and ‘Move To’ function to streamline your workflow.

 Our new shipment calendar pre-selects the next available date so you know your fastest option immediately. We’ve also improved our ‘Move To’ function to no longer include the current folder that your item(s) is in to avoid moving items back to their original location.  

Some more great improvements and updates:

  • Improved shred, deposit, scan, and ship auto-rules making sure those rules will stay in place and won’t be cancelled with the removal of a recipient.
  • Updated “Add Recipient” error message to clearly state why you cannot add certain recipients to your account.  
  • Improved list view design and tag drop menu on mobile web so you can see more items than ever before on your mobile web browser
  • Improved  zoom in and out function to stop documents from zooming out a little too much!
  • Added a value limit on your international shipment value declarations to avoid errors
  • Improved  “Send to Cloud” auto-rule to prevent you from unknowingly creating auto-rules that will not work. 
  • Updated “Order Complete” and “You’re All Set”  page designs
  • Improved loading items list experience on iOS App
  • Fixed bug with shipping cart functionality to remove items marked as “not my mail” on iOS App
  • Fixed Checkstream integration so it doesn’t block the Client Application in case of service downtime.