A note about our Chicago ward maps during the 2023 election season

We've made it easier to find new Chicago ward maps and still view the old maps. 

Two ways to search for a ward:

  1. Search for a ward in our search box by typing in "ward TK" where "TK" is the number. Then select the "Go" button.
  2. Enter an alderperson's name. Then select the "Go" button.

There will be two items in the search results table, each clearly labeled with the version of map the result links to:

The 2022 map will always be listed first. 

screenshot of the search results

Note that we don't have a position on which one is effective at the Chicago departments. You may need to schedule a required public meeting in a venue that's in both the new and old ward boundaries (although this is impossible in the new 34th Ward, which has no overlap with its old boundary).

After the inauguration in May 2023, Chicago Cityscape will make the 2022 map the default map and we will convert everyone's email notifications for wards to the new map. If you want to do that now, you can unsubscribe from the old ward and subscribe to the new ward (or email us to ask for assistance).

P.S. You can also look up an address to find which police district it's in. Each of the 22 Chicago police districts will have a council of three elected persons living in that district. Learn who's running in your police district by reading The Triibe's voter guide.

Ten new features to start 2023

We’ve got 10 new features to show off, added in 2022 Q4. There’s something for every one of our members: new features to Property Finder, new ways to find already-upzoned properties, ZBA decisions, affordable housing data, new incentives, and Red Line Extension info. Join us on Wednesday, Januar...

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These are the maps for the four new Illinois representatives in the 118th Congress

Chicago Cityscape has updated its Places database to reflect the 118th United States Congress, being sworn in today. 

Illinois has 17 districts, down from 18, because of the 2020 Census apportionment.

There are four new Congresspersons.

1st - Jonathan Jackson. Chicago, Homer Glen, New Lenox, Frankfort

map of 1st district

3rd - Delia Ramirez. Chicago, West Chicago, Bartlett, Wheaton

map of 3rd district

13th - Nikki Budzinski. Springfield, Decatur, Champaign, Granite City

map of 13th district

17th - Eric Sorensen.  Rockford, Peoria, Galesburg, Rock Island

map of 17th district

2022 Q3 sales data has been published

Chicago Cityscape has added the latest quarter of property sales in Cook County. There were 35,283 sales recorded between July 1, 2022, and September 30, 2022. That is 3,277 fewer sales compared to 2022 Q2.

Browse all of the property sales in our database, which now goes back to 2015.


Bonus update: The property sales & transaction details page has been improved to spell out what were abbreviated characteristics, and include links to more information. 

For example, buyer and seller names are linked so that you can find other sales they may have been part of. Another new characteristic is indicating the land use that the parties indicated on their PTAX submission; previously only the letter referring to a specific use on the form was shown which was only helpful to those who regularly use PTAX forms.

screenshot with new characteristics hihglighted

The annual tax sale for properties delinquent since 2020 starts next week

The Cook County Treasurer is catching up on the annual tax sales and this will be the second annual tax sale conducted in 2022. The first, for properties delinquent since 2019 would normally have been held in 2021, but the COVID pandemic deferred that to be held in May 2022. 

The upcoming annual tax sale, starting November 15, 2022, is for properties with delinquent taxes since 2020. Registration closed last Friday.

Chicago Cityscape has integrated data about the 23,834 properties in Chicago and their tax certificates that will be auctioned off starting next week. The number is subject to decrease as property owners pay off their taxes before their property's scheduled auction date. (Other municipalities may be added, subject to data availability.)

Access the data in two ways:

1. Property Finder within Place Snapshot. Look up a community area or ZIP code, or draw a Personal Place, and open Property Finder. Then select the "2020 annual tax sale (in Nov. 2022)" radio button option and select the "Apply filters" button. 

screenshot of part of Property Finder

2. Address Snapshots for PIN-based lookups will identify the property as being included in the Annual Tax sale. Firstly, a label will appear in the table of contents. Secondly, the Property & Ownership info section will have information under the heading "2020 annual tax sale (in Nov. 2022)".

screenshot of parts of Address Snapshot

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