Find corner lots using this new Property Finder filter

A member requested that they would like a filter in Property Finder to locate corner lots. After a short feasibility investigation we found that it would be possible by locating parcels that are within 40 feet of two differently-named streets. 

The "At an intersection or corner lot" filter can be combined with all other filters. We recommend adding – at least for searches in Chicago – a zoning district filter as well as a filter to exclude condos (this will also speed up the search). (If you don't exclude condos then there will be 100s of results in Property Finder that don't represent developable lots.)

map of the 202 corner properties in Near West Side community area described in the post

How to use the corner lot filter

  • Open a Place Report in Cook County (Chicago community area, ZIP code, etc.)
  • In the Property Finder filters, look for the "Additional filters" heading and select the "reveal additional filters" link to expand this section and show the additional filters.
  • Combine this with another filter. We recommend excluding condo (2-99), EX, and RR, properties in the "Exclude this property class" filter.
  • Select the "Apply filters" button. A moment later the data table and the map will refresh with the results. 

screenshot of the "corner lot" filter

In the Near West Side community area of Chicago there are 202 corner properties that are zoned to allow multi-family housing.

2023 Q2 property sales data has been uploaded

Chicago Cityscape has added the latest quarter of property sales in Cook County. There were 30,291 sales recorded between April 1, 2023, and June 30, 2023. That is a 21.1 percent increase in sales compared to 2023 Q1.

Read about the change from 2022 Q4 to 2022 Q1.

Our full dataset of Cook County property sales spans the period of 2014 to the second quarter of 2023; data comes from the Illinois Department of Revenue and is updated quarterly, within two weeks of the end of the quarter.

Forty-seven percent of these sales and transactions were for Chicago properties. Use the Property Sales Browser to analyze the number and value of sales in other municipalities.

chart showing the number of property sales per quarter between 2019 Q1 and 2023 Q1 inclusive

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