Recap of Chicago Cityscape's Q1 Lunch Break Update on April 18, 2023

Watch the 23-minute video recording of our latest Lunch Break Update, during which we demonstrate some of the new features we published during Q1 2023. 

Use this timecodes guide to skip amongst the four platform updates:

  • 1.a. Finding new development opportunities, vacant building registry: 3:25
  • 1.b. Finding new development opportunities, brownfields: 6:11
  • 2. New building permits filters (topics, tags, and civic projects): 9:00
  • 3. Aerial and historic maps: 14:12
  • Audience question about aerial maps: 18:08
  • 4. Public sector investments (TIF, NOF, community development grant, proposed TIF-funded projects): 19:40
  • Summary: 23:09