Lunch Break Update video posted - learn about four new features

In this Lunch Break Update, presented on January 25, 2023, we demonstrated four features: the "Standard 6-3", Super Parcel (analyzing multiple parcels as if they were one), new Property Finder filters, and Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) decisions. 

First in the video, we discussed how to find information about the Connected Communities revision to the city's longtime transit-oriented development ordinance. The entire video is about 35 minutes long, but is divided into several chapters. 

Open the video in a new tab

Use these timecodes to skip ahead to each chapter:

  • Connected Communities 1:43
  • Description of "Standard 6-3": 3:35
  • Finding properties eligible to build a "Standard 6-3": 6:02
  • Using the automated housing calculator: 10:25
  • Using tags & topics to find real Connected Communities projects: 15:04
  • Creating a Super Parcel in Property Report: 15:54
  • Creating a Super Parcel in Place Report: 19:26
  • Property Finder updates: 21:26
  • Property Finder + ChiBlockBuilder filter: 23:15
  • Property Finder + minimum units allowed: 24:51
  • Zoning Board of Appeals decisions: 29:33