Find construction projects in Chicago based on trends, including #UnusedZoningCapacity and INVEST South/West

Chicago Cityscape modified Building Permits Browser again to make it easier to find examples of specific trends. In two clicks, find construction projects that can be categorized into one or more these topics:

  1. #UnusedZoningCapacity
  2. Commercial to residential conversion
  3. INVEST South/West
  4. Adaptive reuse
  5. Passive House

Look for "Filter by tag or topic" in the filters section below the permits map and data table.

screenshot of the tag and topic filters

We manually categorize building permits into these and other categories, so they may be missing some projects. View Tags & Topics to see the full list of trends we track (not all of them can be filtered in Building Permits Browser; send us your feedback on what tags & topics you'd like to filter).