Chicago Cityscape's first lunch break update was 4/14/22

The recorded video is live

After creating 12 new features in 2022 Q1, we decided it would be good to walk through some of them in a live demonstration. Here's our agenda for the first "lunch break update" (new name is pending):

  1. 5 mins - Everyone introduces themselves
  2. 10 mins - Talk about the ARO 2021 and how the map is integrated in Cityscape.
  3. 20 mins - Demonstrate three of the 12 new features: ShareLink, Proposed TIF-funded projects, and Businesses Snapshot
  4. 10 mins - Highlight a case study from one of our members
  5. 10 mins - live Q&A

Thank you to those who attended! This was our first time doing a live, public demonstration and we loved the discussions. 

Watch the edited recording, which is 34 minutes long. Watch this video if you want to...(skip ahead to this timestamp to watch just that portion)

  • understand Chicago Cityscape's mission (2:09)
  • see how Chicago Cityscape helps developers understand a property's ARO requirements (3:15)
  • find property in specific ARO areas (8:44) (also, there was a mention about our draft "ARO Matrix", but that was not shown in the demonstration)
  • use the new "ShareLink" feature to share *your* level of access to non-members (like your friends or colleagues) (10:36)
  • know which types of businesses are concentrated in a given area (17:05)
  • compare the number of licensed businesses between two areas (21:35)
  • peruse upcoming infrastructure and construction projects that will be partially funded by TIF (23:10)
  • Question: How do you draw a Personal Place? (32:03)