Analyze the zoning of multiple parcels simultaneously

Chicago Cityscape is launching the beta version of "Super Parcel" so our users can assess the zoning capacity and housing allowance would be for an assemblage of adjacent parcels, without having to look up multiple addresses. 

The first Super Parcel is a collection of nine parcels that make up the City of Chicago's Lake/Kedzie RFQ, next to the Kedzie Green Line station. 

screenshot of a sample Super Parcel

Super Parcels speed up your analysis of multi-parcel properties

With this Super Parcel, interested applicants can use our Address Snapshot as if all nine parcels were a single zoning lot – even if they're across the street from each other. The automated zoning assessment will calculate how many dwelling units are allowed, using the dominant zoning district's standards. 

screenshot of dwelling unit calculator

For example, the Lake/Kedzie RFQ Super Parcel shows that, given the current C1-3 zoning, 139 dwelling units are allowed. If there is more than one zoning district that overlaps, the less dominant ones will be listed but will not be used as part of the calculation. 

Another benefit is finding out who the alderpersons are – this is especially useful for the Lake/Kedzie RFQ Super Parcel because some of the lots are in the 27th Ward and some are in the 28th Ward (see image below)

screenshot of a map of Surrounding Places, showing the two wards that bisect the Super Parcel.

How to use a Super Parcel

Super Parcel is still in beta and requires a little manual work to set it up. The first thing you'll need is a list of PINs (Super Parcel works with up to 10 PINs). 

You can contact us, share the list of PINs, and we'll create a Super Parcel for you. 

Or, here's how to do it yourself:

1. In a text document (like the Notes app), copy and paste this URL: ""

2. After the "=" (equals sign), list your PINs (with or without dashes) separated by an underscore. Here's what the URL for the Lake/Kedzie RFQ Super Parcel looks like: "" (access the Super Parcel now)