A note about our Chicago ward maps during the 2023 election season

We've made it easier to find new Chicago ward maps and still view the old maps. 

Two ways to search for a ward:

  1. Search for a ward in our search box by typing in "ward TK" where "TK" is the number. Then select the "Go" button.
  2. Enter an alderperson's name. Then select the "Go" button.

There will be two items in the search results table, each clearly labeled with the version of map the result links to:

The 2022 map will always be listed first. 

screenshot of the search results

Note that we don't have a position on which one is effective at the Chicago departments. You may need to schedule a required public meeting in a venue that's in both the new and old ward boundaries (although this is impossible in the new 34th Ward, which has no overlap with its old boundary).

After the inauguration in May 2023, Chicago Cityscape will make the 2022 map the default map and we will convert everyone's email notifications for wards to the new map. If you want to do that now, you can unsubscribe from the old ward and subscribe to the new ward (or email us to ask for assistance).

P.S. You can also look up an address to find which police district it's in. Each of the 22 Chicago police districts will have a council of three elected persons living in that district. Learn who's running in your police district by reading The Triibe's voter guide.