Standard template sorting is "newest first"

If you're a high-productive Zuuvi user building lots of templates - this is for you 👌
The standard sorting is now the newest first when choosing which template you should build your banner from.

That means the latest added template will be shown at the top.

Greater Studio proportional scaling

When you want to resize an element like an image in Studio hit the command Shift+click and drag the element to resize proportionally.

With this new fix, this command is even more precise than before. 

Updated third-party cookies

Worried about third-party cookies? Zuuvi does not set any cookies in our HTML5 banners.

As with any major shift involving privacy, data, and advertising, business experts and publications have been frantically buzzing about how this will change the way we do business online.

But, do we really need to panic?

In regards to the banners, you produce in Zuuvi the answer is no.