Increased session timeout in App

Timing out? We increased the session timeout, so you can work inside the Zuuvi App without session trouble. So grab a cup of coffee - or two - when producing banners with no reason to hit the Save button.

New faster way of copying links 📋

When you should show your banners to the world, could be through the preview link or with exporting a banners URL string it's now one-click away.
Instead of double-clicking the link just hit the copy button and the link is copied.

See cool thumbnails when uploading video

You probably different videos on how they look right? 🎬 

When uploading a video to your banner we now present each video with a thumbnail. If working with multiple videos in a certain campaign we now gather them all in a list and present it with thumbnails.

Better sort and drag layers in Studio ↕

Order...Reorder...Reorder again, as designers we know that dragging layers between groups is something you surely will do a few times when producing a cool template in Studio.

We have just made a smoother and more precise way to drag and drop your layers inside groups in Studio. Happy dragging 👏

Standard template sorting is "newest first"

If you're a high-productive Zuuvi user building lots of templates - this is for you 👌
The standard sorting is now the newest first when choosing which template you should build your banner from.

That means the latest added template will be shown at the top.

It's now possible to upload video in Studio 📹

Video banners - wow they are so cool 👏We believe that creativity in digital marketing is a key factor. Therefore we have developed a cool new feature that enables you to drag and drop a video directly into your template in Studio.
When you dragged the video into your template simply resize it and make it beautiful.

When you upload the template to the app it's easy to change the video content - mostly the same way as you do when changing a picture inside the app.

Happy video-banner-building 🚀

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