Introducing a new look for the Template Library

Visuals are everything. To be able to see and visualize your surveys before you even jump into creating them is powerful. 

A few months back, we switched from showing template previews to text-only. We want you to stay focused on the value of the template, and not be distracted by the images. But we were wrong. Our onboarding looked a bit blank and didn't lead to more survey creations as we had thought. 

So we churned up a beautiful new onboarding that gives you a very crisp view of each template and looks amazing! 

Now you can choose a range of Experiences, explore the templates, preview them in different channels based on how you'd like to send your surveys and edit the template in the survey builder to make it yours. 

Give it a try

Introducing New Web Widgets — Slide Up and Bottom Bar

We are excited to announce the launch of two powerful survey web widgets - Slide Up and Bottom Bar - on Zonka Feedback! These new widgets are designed to provide you with more flexibility and options to gather valuable insights from your website visitors.

Slide Up Surveys

Slide Up Surveys appear as an overlay from the bottom of the web page, providing a non-intrusive approach to engaging users. Similar to Popup Surveys, Slide Up Surveys can be triggered based on user activity or time intervals. For instance, you can choose to display the survey after a transaction, when a user visits a new page, spends a specific amount of time on the website, or scrolls through a certain percentage of the page.

💡 Ideal for Post-Transaction Feedback and Lead Generation: These surveys are ideal for gathering feedback after transactions on websites and eCommerce platforms. Additionally, they work wonders as lead generation forms, offering an unobtrusive way to capture user information and insights.

💫 Seamless User Experience: Unlike traditional popup surveys, Slide Up Surveys are designed to seamlessly integrate into the browsing flow, allowing you to collect valuable feedback without disrupting your customers' experience. They're great if you'd like to get customer feedback or information without interrupting the user flow. 

Bottom Bar Surveys

Bottom Bar Surveys are clickable buttons strategically placed on the bottom right or left side of your web page. When visitors click on the button, the survey opens up, providing a user-friendly way for customers to engage and answer questions.

🎯 Opt-In Surveys
Bottom Bar Surveys are perfect for opt-in scenarios, where customers and visitors can easily click on the button to access the survey and share their valuable opinions.

🔧 Customize Widget Settings
In the Web Widgets settings, you have complete control over the appearance, targeting, and behavior of the Slide Up and Bottom Bar Surveys. You can configure these widgets to display surveys at the right time to the right users, maximizing engagement and response rates.

These new survey web widgets will elevate your feedback collection strategy and empower you to make data-driven decisions to enhance user experience and boost overall satisfaction.

Log in to Zonka Feedback now and explore the Slide Up and Bottom Bar Surveys to change the way you interact with your audience!

As always, we value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on these new additions. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team or write to us at

Link Survey & Web Embeds now moved to a new Distribution Tab

Link Surveys, QR Code Surveys and Web Embed Surveys now have a new home. You can find them in the 'Link' tab in the Survey Distribution section. While all web widgets continue to exist in the 'Web' distribution tab. 

We were made aware through customer feedback and queries, that it wasn't the easiest to find Link and Web Embed options when they were placed in the Web Widgets tab. And therefore decided to give you an easier way to find and start using Link and Embed Surveys. 

View the context of Widget and SDK Responses

When you're taking Website and In-App feedback, knowing the context of feedback like which page the feedback was given on, the page title, and the domain becomes very useful and in a lot of cases, is very crucial. 

So, we have done a significant enhancement to our widget and in-app SDK where you can gain deeper insights into user interactions through the inclusion of context information. This context includes valuable details such as URL, Path and Domain. With this new feature, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of user behavior and engagement.

🔍 Context Information for Widgets: To provide you with richer insights, we have expanded the data captured by our widgets. The following context information is now available:

  1. URL: Know the exact web address where the widget was displayed, allowing you to understand user behavior within different web pages or sections of your website.
  2. Path: Dive deeper into user journeys by examining the specific page or route within the URL where the widget was encountered. Gain insights into how users navigate your website and where they interact with your widgets the most.
  3. Domain: Understand the originating domain where the widget was loaded. This information is particularly valuable if you have multiple domains or subdomains and want to analyze widget performance across different web properties.

📊  Context Information for In-App SDK: The following context information is now available:

  1. Screen Name: For our In-App SDK users, we've introduced the Screen Name parameter, which captures the specific screen or view where the responder has given the response.

A new look for Survey Responses

Survey Responses are one of the most viewed at Zonka Feedback, only second to Reports. And with all the growing options and information, we decided to give it a makeover. Both to make it look better and to organize the information better for easy access and viewing. 

The new Survey Response page now has two sections - on the left, you can view the Survey Response in detail along with Contact Information and CX Metrics and on the right, you can view Contact details, Channel information, Tasks, Notes, and Activities. 

The redesigned Survey Response page now is sleek, and intuitive and ensures that you're able to view all relevant information very consiely and clearly. 

Take a look and let us know your feedback. 

Now view Hidden Variables for Partial Feedback

Until now, when viewing partial feedback in your Response Inbox, hidden variables and survey variables were not available. But now you can view hidden, survey and contact variables for Partial Responses, just as you can for completed responses. 

This means you can also filter Partial Survey Responses by any variables. 

This works with all of the methods of passing variables, including query strings, uploading CSV and sending emails or SMS or using Public APIs to send emails or SMS.

(This would be available only for Partial Responses submitted after June 30) 

A New Email Survey Editor & New Email Survey Design

We have optimized our WYSIWYG Email Survey Editor, added more customization options and improved the Email Survey Design as well. What this means — easier editing, more control and amazing-looking Email Surveys. 

What's new and improved?

  • 🚀  Improved Spacing
    The line breaks and paragraph spacing has been improved, and made cleaner, leading to better readability of the email surveys and optimized line heights. 
  • 💌  Better Email Client Compatability
    Email clients vary across devices and platforms, each with its unique rendering quirks. We've meticulously tested our email surveys across a wide range of email clients to consistent display and compatibility, regardless of whether your recipients are using Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, or other commonly used clients on both desktops and mobile.
  • 🖌️ Design Updates
    You can control a lot in the design — remove the email survey border (making it look very sleek, but this is completely optional), remove headings, text, signature and the works. 

New & improved way to install the Feedback Widget

Integrating Survey Widgets into your website has become more user-friendly and visually appealing with our redesigned JS code installation page. We have incorporated a sleek new interface that simplifies the process and ensures clarity throughout.

To enhance the installation experience, we have introduced a 'Verify Installation' button. This convenient feature allows you to validate whether the code has been correctly implemented on your website or not, providing peace of mind.

Additionally, we have included helpful documentation links that serve a dual purpose. They offer step-by-step instructions for seamless installation and serve as troubleshooting resources in case any issues arise during the process.

Introducing Location-Based Redirection Logic: Enhance Customer Engagement and Drive Reviews!

Are you a location-based or franchise-based business with a geographically dispersed customer base? Do you want to direct your customers to location-specific web pages or review pages after they complete a satisfaction survey? We have great news for you! We are thrilled to introduce our new feature: Location-Based Redirection Logic.

With Location-Based Redirections, you now can set up redirect links based on the location respondents choose when starting the survey or the location you've passed with the survey. This powerful tool allows you to guide your customers to location-specific links, such as Google review pages, that are relevant to their chosen location. The benefits for location-based or franchise businesses are immense!

Choose from Popular Questions when creating your surveys

Building your own survey from scratch without choosing from any of the templates? Well, we'd made it easier for you. Now when you choose to 'Create your Survey from Scratch', you can choose from some of the popular questions to include in your survey. This prompt offers you a convenient option to swiftly select from a variety of popular questions and jumpstart your survey in no time. You can later edit the survey in the builder - add more questions and customize the selected ones. Whether you prefer NPS, Smiley Rating, Email, or other options, the choice is yours!

However, if you have specific requirements, you can still opt for the traditional approach and handpick your questions. Simply bypass this prompt and customize your survey as you like. 

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