Create better products with automated support and feature request handoffs with Zonka Feedback + Jira

If you're a product manager and use Jira to manage your projects, you'd love this one.

We excited to announce our latest integration with Jira that allows you to translate customer issues, bugs and requests into actionable product updates and improvements. 

What you can do with the Zonka Feedback and Jira integration: 

  • Automated Issue Creation: Eliminate manual data entry. Zonka Feedback automatically transforms survey responses into Jira issues, ensuring seamless feedback capture and organization.
  • Real-time Visibility of Issue Status and Resolution: CX Teams can view the status of the Jira issue directly within Zonka Feedback along with direct link to the ticket. 
  • Enhanced Workflows, Optimized Communication: Leverage Zonka Feedback's robust functionalities to create custom workflows for feedback handling and streamline team communication. Ensure every issue receives the appropriate attention and timely resolution and is communicated to the customer as well. 
  • Deeper Insights, Data-Driven Decisions: Gain valuable insights through detailed reports and resolution progress updates within Zonka Feedback. Analyze customer sentiment, measure the impact of your actions, and continuously improve your product based on real-time feedback.

Imagine this:

  • A bug reported in your product using the Zonka Feedback form instantaneously becomes a tracked issue in Jira, automatically assigned and visible to your entire team. Faster resolutions, happier customers, and a stronger product.
  • A surge of positive feedback for a new feature idea triggers immediate attention within Jira, enabling your product team to prioritize development and deliver what customers want, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Ready to revolutionize your feedback process and empower data-driven product decisions? Visit our help docs for Zonka Feedback + Jira integration to learn more and experience the future of efficient, customer-centric product development.