A New Email Survey Editor & New Email Survey Design

We have optimized our WYSIWYG Email Survey Editor, added more customization options and improved the Email Survey Design as well. What this means — easier editing, more control and amazing-looking Email Surveys. 

What's new and improved?

  • 🚀  Improved Spacing
    The line breaks and paragraph spacing has been improved, and made cleaner, leading to better readability of the email surveys and optimized line heights. 
  • 💌  Better Email Client Compatability
    Email clients vary across devices and platforms, each with its unique rendering quirks. We've meticulously tested our email surveys across a wide range of email clients to consistent display and compatibility, regardless of whether your recipients are using Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, or other commonly used clients on both desktops and mobile.
  • 🖌️ Design Updates
    You can control a lot in the design — remove the email survey border (making it look very sleek, but this is completely optional), remove headings, text, signature and the works.